Self-portrait in blue, with mirrors and lenses. Conceptual portrait photography by Tanya Simone Simpson. #portraitphotography #conceptualportrait

Reflections: Surreal photography

I've been really enjoying nature photography recently and it lends itself beautifully to the super vibrant colours and close-up impact that I love, but it's still based around finding a beautiful thing and capturing an image of it in situ. I don't think I'll ever lose my passion for creating photographs from the ground up … Continue reading Reflections: Surreal photography

Colour photograph of artist Laura Jeacock styled as a creative and contemporary representation of the Norse goddess, Hel. Portrait photography by Tanya Simone Simpson. #hel #hela #norsemythology

Hel: Norse mythology and portrait photography

This is what happens when a goddess shows up in your garden... Amazing artist, most excellent witch and one of my best friends in the world, Laura Jeacock, embodying Norse goddess Hel for Drawing the Goddess, part of the Rites of Spring life drawing event run by Seasons of the Witch, an interactive art project. Hel, … Continue reading Hel: Norse mythology and portrait photography

Colour abstract photo of a person's reflection with lights. Experimental portrait photography by Tanya Simone Simpson.

Reflections, night, self

This photo was a happy accident. I was looking to see if the moon was visible because I wanted to take a picture of it. It was hiding behind the clouds, so no moon photo for me, but while I was standing at the window with my phone I noticed how the reflection of inside … Continue reading Reflections, night, self

Close-up colour photo of a hand against a mouth with lip piercings. Portrait photography by Tanya Simone Simpson. #portraitphotography

A mess in small, close-up ways

Bitten lips and broken nails. Self-portrait.

Black and white close-up self-portait photography by Tanya Simone Simpson. #portraitphotography

Panic prone

I haven't pointed a camera at myself in ages, apart from random phone snaps. It was time. I'm feeling kind of grainy monochrome right now. Besides, it was time for a new profile picture in all my places cause I haven't had green hair in months and I can't handle that level of inaccuracy. Panic … Continue reading Panic prone

Colour photograph of a man sitting at a desk surrounded by incense smoke lit by bright sunlight from a window. Candid portrait photography by Tanya Simone Simpson. #portraitphotography


Can you tell I live in an incense-heavy household? Sometimes it gets a bit out of hand but it does look pretty, especially with south facing windows. That's my husband lurking in the accidentally dramatic fragrant mist. I hope your weekend is full of beautiful moments! ❤ Tanya