July in review

July has been such a busy month! All through 2017, I’ve been getting that feeling that time is flying by, passing too quickly. July has been different. It’s the last day of the month now and the first day feels like it was forever ago.

This month, I had three major missions. The first was Camp NaNoWriMo. This is the second time I’ve taken part and I really enjoyed it. I now also have the first draft of my next novella, Car Thieves, and am looking forward to starting to edit it.

The second major mission was launching my first novella (written during April’s Camp NaNoWriMo), Stone Flowers Grow In Cold Places. This was a pretty scary thing to do, but over 200 people have read it in the last couple of days which is really exciting for an unknown author publishing their first book through their own little website and two online publishing platforms they’ve only been using for a few months! I’ve had some really positive feedback, both for the book itself and for finally publishing a thing, and it’s been trending on Tablo since a couple of hours after I posted it, which feels incredible.

The third big thing was launching my Patreon.  This was scarier than launching the book and even though I’m still very much at he beginning of my Patreon journey, I’m super excited that I’ve had some monthly pledges already. David, Peter, Spitfire, David and Roberta – thank you, you lovely, supportive people!

This month, I posted two things here on my blog that I was really nervous about posting. The first was ME and me: Living with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and the second was Five things I learned from living with a chronic illness. The reason for the nervousness was that I don’t talk about this stuff in detail online very often so it felt huge to open up about something that affects every area of my everyday life. The response to both of those posts was amazing and I am endlessly grateful to everyone who commented and shared the links on social media. As unnerving as it is to know that literally thousands of people had seen those very personal posts, it also feels really good to know that I’ve helped people to learn about an illness they either hadn’t heard of before or didn’t know very much about.

I also shared a second vlog on my YouTube channel, thanks to my wonderful friend Nicole who loaned me a camcorder so I don’t have to use the front-facing camera on my phone to make videos! I haven’t done much on YouTube since launching the channel a couple of months back, but I do intend to make more videos, hopefully when I don’t look completely exhausted and am talking a bit more coherently than I’ve managed in the two I’ve uploaded so far.

Final July thing – our back garden is almost finished! I take basically no credit for this because it’s all been my husband’s hard work, although I did do lots of driving around with a car full of wood and turf. All the raised flowerbeds are built, the lawn is an actual lawn rather than a patch of grass and a patch of mud, and we’ve started thinking about what plants we’re going to get. My strawberry plants finally got to move out of their pot on the bedroom windowsill and into their new outdoor home (see photo above). When my friend Robin gave me those plants, they were tiny stems with a couple of leaves, but they’ve grown up beautifully and I’m so excited about being able to eat my own strawberries grown in our garden.

The last day of the month feels like a new beginning. Yesterday, I was hit with a big blast of meh, the kind that happens when you finish a bunch of stuff you’ve been working on. This morning, the meh had mostly lifted and I felt excited and happy again. I spent some extra time at my altar this morning then smoke cleansed the entire flat and garden. As soon as I’d finished smoke cleansing, it rained for about five minutes – the perfect thing to wash away the last of the meh (and help the new turf bed in).

I’m looking forward to what August brings, beginning to edit Car Thieves, finding out more about how to promote my Patreon and enjoying the rest of the summer. I hope you’re having a wonderful summer (or winter, for my friends in the southern hemisphere) ❤

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New vlog! Much excite! Much exhaustion!

A new video on my YouTube channel in which I ramble incoherently in a state of extreme tiredness about some cool stuff that I’m doing at the moment. It had been a long day and I’d basically reached the point of being wrapped in a blanket on the couch by the time I did this. I foresee “exhausted and wearing a blanket” becoming a recurring theme on my channel.

Summer Abstractions

Inspired by the beautiful colours in the garden, I combined two of my favourite creative tools – acrylic paint and my camera – to create these abstract pieces. The full-size painting is only A5, so still pretty small, and it was created specifically so that I could take close-up photographs of tiny segments of it. I forgot how much fun it is to do this! I took the photos under bright sunlight to capture the shine of the metallic acrylic paint and the vibrancy of the colours.

Mist and magic

A different kind of beautiful day ❤

Camp NaNoWriMo winner: I did the thing!

Today, I validated my July Camp NaNoWriMo project. For those of you who don’t speak fluent NaNo, that means I copied my novella draft into a little box on the Camp website and it checked my word count to make sure it was the same as, or more than, the goal I’d set myself for the month.

If you hit, or beat, you goal, you’re considered to be a winner. As I talked about when I finished my April Camp NaNo project, that terminology struck me as strange to begin with because it’s not a competition. But it is an achievement. It is a thing you work your ass off to do. Sometimes, it’s a battle with writer’s block. So when you complete it and hit your target, damn right you won!

I’m ridiculously excited to announce that the first draft of Car Thieves has a total of 20,092 words. Editing will begin within the next month or so, once I get Stone Flowers Grow In Cold Places published and launch my Patreon (within the next two weeks, for reals!).

I’m seriously considering doing NaNoWriMo in November. It scares the crap out of me because it’s 50k words, but I have this rule where if something terrifies me, I should at least try to do it. I have a concept in mind already (I know, shut up). In its current form in the back of my brain, it’s somewhere between a novel and an anthology, with chapters as a collection of connected-but-could-also-stand-alone short stories. That’s as much as I’m saying about it for now because it really is only a tiny little seed of an idea, but it’s growing 🙂