Orange and purple sky at sunrise with silhouetted trees and power lines.

Photography: Sunrise

I woke up early and was blessed with this view from the bedroom window. I was so happy to be able to capture those stunning colours exactly as they were. Nature is amazing.

Pale green leaves against a background of dark green leaves.

Photography: Green on green

I took my camera out into the garden with the intention of taking pictures of the contrast between the deciduous hedge turning orange and the evergreen hedge staying green, but I ended up falling in love with this unexpected bit of contrast between pale and dark green shades.

Minutiae and ephemera (plus bonus Photo Booth silliness!)

Not really (or at least not intentionally) artistic but still vaguely interesting pictures of things that found their way in front of my eyes. And strange twisty versions of my face, just because.

Study update, amazing things to watch and the best blanket ever

Study update, amazing things to watch and the best blanket ever

Forensic psychology love, Netflix awesomeness (yes, I will over-analyse TV shows until the end of time) and the snuggliest of all snuggly things.

A silver tabby cat sleeping with its tongue poking out of its mouth.

Photography: Tasty dreams

Continuing my casual photography theme of little moments of beauty in everyday life, this is what today gave me.

A selection of very short (dark) stories

A selection of very short (dark) stories

Having recently discovered the #vss365 (very short stories every day) tag on Twitter, I've been enjoying a daily nudge from my muse, with each day's prompt inspiring me to write something new that has nothing to do with the book I'm working on. A lot of my recent #vss365 Tweets have been seasonally dark so I thought it would be fun to share a selection of them here. Enjoy!

future of personal blogging

Is there still a place for personal blogging? (spoiler alert: I think so!)

Back in the days before influencer marketing, affiliate links and precisely curated aspirational lifestyle shop-my-look blogging, there was just blogging. It was new and strange and beautiful. It connected people. I was in love with it. I still am. And I'm pretty sure that least some of the people reading this now are too.


Poetry: Unswallowed

the dream, again, finds me at the water's edge...

Poetry: No doors

they said if opportunity doesn't knock...

Poetry: Oxidation

as a child i favoured poster paints...