Inspired Escapism

Inspired Escapism
[a flash fiction collection]

A collection of flash fiction on the theme of self-discovery and exploration.

Heartbled and Soulrisen
At an airport

“She may have armed her horsemen but no-one burns bridges like I do, so I raise a silent toast to her apocalypse and hope she spends her thirty pieces of silver on something that matters more to her than I ever did.”

The Mariana Trench and Everest
On a boat

“They say you aren’t supposed to be able to die in dreams, but I did. Every night I drowned in my dreams and every day I drowned in reality.”

What Did You Expect From Drugs and Holidays?
In the middle of nowhere

“I witnessed this shift from one world to another through tears and tinted lenses, wishing I was beyond my burdens and imagining them trailing by a rope behind the car and breaking into pieces on the road.”

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