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I love social media and I’m deeply passionate about sharing ideas, inspiration and art on a global platform. I’m not about enticing as many people as possible to follow me. I’m about genuine connections. So come and say hi, and we can share our worlds with each other!

Ello is an absolute haven of artistic joy. It’s a small, tightly-knit community of creative people (and everyone seems to be not-teenagers, which is nice). I share writing and photography there, and run a new horror and macabre art community called ellodarkart. Also, bless the ellowrites community and all who sail in her.

Words, pictures and general brain-spew in 140 characters or less. Ever so slightly less steam-of-consciousness than Instagram Stories, but still pretty unfiltered brain-to-internet action.

Photos, photos and more photos. When I’m not posting Real Photography, I’m uploading ephemeral life-fragments, cat pictures and ridiculous things to my Instagram Story.

My Tumblr is what the inside of my head looks like. It’s home to word-things that are too long for Twitter, photos I take and a heap of stuff I enjoy reading and looking at, mostly subculture aesthetics, fan trash, witchy stuff, nature and delightful humans.

This is my Page, not my personal profile. My personal profile is friends-only and I don’t use it a lot. My Page is for the small number of people who Facebook’s algorithms actually show my content to since I’m not paying them. As you can probably tell, Facebook is not my favourite. I’ve had the page forever though and I do update it regularly, mostly with photos and links to what I’m getting up to elsewhere.

DA will probably always feel like home to me. I’ve been there for over a decade, sharing photography and writing. I’m a Community Volunteer looking after the general photography galleries, and I run a photography group called SubversiveAesthetic. I also spend a lot of time encouraging other people to make and share art cause I am really, really for people making and sharing art.

I don’t really use Pinterest in a social-media-ish way, but it’s there and I like it. So if you’re interested in clothes I can’t afford, hair styles I’m too lazy to have, nail polish I don’t have the requisite skill to apply, crafting projects I mean to try but probably won’t, actually useful writing stuff, also actually useful planning and organising stuff, and queer culture, this is a good place to see all that.

Stand-alone short stories, collections of short stories, and collections of poetry and vignettes, as well as longer works, can be found here. Tablo is a wonderful place to read. I’ve found some new favourites here and often get lost in browsing and reading all the epic free books.

Pretty much the same as Tablo, although Wattpad has a younger userbase so involves a mature content filter which makes more grown-up writing (horror, in my case) a little bit harder to find. I still love it to bits though!

This is a promotional platform where authors can host give-aways. Since my work is free to read and download, the give-aways are basically permanent. Downloads here require signing up to the site/app, so if you’d rather not do that you can download my books directly from my website or read them online. Instafreebie is basically just an added extra option that I like to offer.

My YouTube channel is an informal video blog where I chat about writing, photography, paganism, witchcraft, online life, home and garden stuff, and anything else that comes to mind. I’m absolutely bloody terrified of being on video, so expect some (hopefully endearing) nervousness!


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