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Colour photograph of a blue glass heart with silver chains around a blue and green stone

Words, pictures and general brain-spew in 140 280 characters or less. Loaded with stream-of-consciousness mind to internet action and snippets of whatever I’m working on, Twitter is one of my favourite places to connect with other creative people online, especially the writing community.

Photos, photos and more photos. When I’m not posting Real Photography™ (mostly beautiful places, interesting things and cute creatures), I upload ephemeral life-fragments, cat videos and other minutiae of my existence to my Instagram Story.

DA will probably always feel like home to me. I’ve been there since 2005, sharing photography and writing. I’m a Community Volunteer focusing on horror photography and I run a photography group called Subversive Aesthetic. I also spend a lot of time encouraging other people to make and share art cause I am really, really for people making and sharing art.