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How they teach you about yourself

So writing poetry about animals seems to be a thing I do now. This is a follow-up to how they teach you about living, dedicated to the tiny furball I'm now responsible for keeping alive, healthy and happy. how they teach you about yourself i want to tell you about those who came before you… Continue reading How they teach you about yourself

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How they teach you about living

This is for anyone who has ever lost a four-legged family member.  Animal companions occupy a unique space in our hearts and our lives, and losing them brings a unique pain. Don't ever let anyone tell you "It was just an animal". There is no such thing as just an animal. how they teach you… Continue reading How they teach you about living

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Red Hand

This poem has been living in a works-in-progress folder on my computer for quite a while because I wanted to wait until I no longer felt the way it described before I posted it. Sometimes when you leave a place, it takes a long time and a lot of work before the place leaves you.… Continue reading Red Hand

Close-up colour photo of a person's face with an angry expression, wearing make-up to look like a broken nose and black eyes
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In the years since this morning

In the years since this morning Bruises have blossomed I've become fiction You've become d u s t (I don't know what any of it means. It just arrived in my head like this. Make up something interesting if you want) My picture/words/make-up/face.

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the dream, it began with one of my teeth falling out and the others were bent like gravestones toppled and tilting in the weak mush soil of bleeding gums the room had blue tiles half-bleached white in an aching permanent noon like a bathroom in an asylum in a film (in a dream) the mirror… Continue reading Teeth

Colour photo of a person wearing a creepy white mask wrapped in blue, purple and pink fabric
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I miss the girl I almost was

i miss the girl i almost was she sits lightly on the edge of the bed at 4am and brushes my hair back from my face with a touch like spiders' footsteps her breath is like ice and her wishes are weightless she wraps a strand of promises around her fingers and kisses me goodbye… Continue reading I miss the girl I almost was

Close-up colour photograph of a campfire
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21st November

you danced wild around the fire all flames and pale skin in the biting cold then you shivered beside us grinning, eyes flashing dark we climbed the hill in time for dawn your hair dyed acid green face shining through a delicate rain mist i’ve always wanted to, you said you told us the extent… Continue reading 21st November

Colour photograph of a lower leg and bare foot covered in dirt and fake blood with a rusted chain around the ankle
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Atlas released

this is only archaeology now and these are only ruins of your lingering wasting away a razor-wire moat of cold rusted ocean and your bitterness, your sickness of soul your silence still poisoned the ground but this is only archaeology now atlas no longer stoops nor strains and there is nothing left to uncover

Close-up photograph of a fist pressing against another person's mouth
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Sunday is breaking

i ran through myself through the glass through your hands through the night to this morning to this mourning this requiem requisite thundering faltering memory glasses half full and the bottles half empty i fell in love fell against table tops fell down the stairs and fell into this blackout and breathlessness waking to silence… Continue reading Sunday is breaking

Colour photograph of a person with long dark hair dancing with pale beige fabric swirling around them
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Jude the Apostle and Akhilandeshvari

even broken, you are beautiful even shattered and stricken and falling to pieces and i don’t mean beautiful like your hair or your body or the symmetry of your face i mean beautiful like your soul built from sighs and screams and rage and wonder and the sum of all you are, and you are… Continue reading Jude the Apostle and Akhilandeshvari