Discovering balance

Discovering balance

An untidy and honest story about rediscovering myself and embracing life at a different pace.

Portrait photography by Tanya Simone Simpson. #portraitphotography

Seven times you are perfect

If truth could wrap itself around muscle and bone, it would settle in the structure of your shoulders and all that they have carried.

How Much Does It Hurt. Creative writing by Tanya Simone Simpson.

How much does it hurt?

I have never developed the ability to quantify pain. I get lost in a maze of perspective where subjectivity battles with analysis and words fail me.

Medical Records and Memories as a Winter Landscape. Creative writing by Tanya Simone Simpson.

Medical records and memories as a winter landscape

Now the fractures and blunt force traumas of your past life and the details of the times you lost yourself have been erased and you are left with only a few short years of history to comprehend. It still shakes you to your core, a place you once believed was populated with strength above all else.

To Someone You Eat Pizza With. Creative writing by Tanya Simone Simpson.

To someone you eat pizza with

Like when someone you haven't seen in months doesn't notice how much weight you've lost and emptiness tastes so much better than food for a few days after...

Tears are not Wrapped in Flags and Slogans. Creative writing by Tanya Simone Simpson.

Tears are not wrapped in flags and slogans

When the windows shake in their frames and you try to figure out how close the explosion was, how likely it is that your friends or your family might have been near there or actually there...

Winter Will Always be my Home. Creative writing by Tanya Simone Simpson.

Winter will always be my home

Some people come to life in the summer. I am not solar-powered. I am not a heat-seeking missile. My most beautiful memories are of the cold and the dark. Winter has blessed me with the most meaningful of experiences, so it will always be beautiful to me.

This is Why I Take Pictures. Creative writing by Tanya Simone Simpson.

This is why I take pictures

I was a professional photographer. I struggle with the use of the word ‘was’ because it denotes a relegation to the past, as if no longer doing something as a job somehow negates the education, training and experience that went into being able to do it as a job in the first place.

Anything Less Than Gunfire of Explosion. Creative writing by Tanya Simone Simpson.

Anything less than gunfire or explosions

...and if the soldiers want to use the bathroom, that’s fine. Just make sure they leave their guns outside so they don’t scare the students.

Rain Not Falling and Three Times Everything Changed. Creative writing by Tanya Simone Simpson.

Rain not falling and three times everything changed

This morning I awoke to a chill in the air, rain not falling but suspended in the tension of August, the cobbles on the street outside slick and glistening. With the window open, I settled back against my pillows allowing the dull ache in the base of my spine to fade into a rolling mist of moments and memories.