Vegan baking: Flapjacks, Reese’s Cups, Nakd bars and vanilla sponge cake

Vegan baking: Flapjacks, Reese's Cups, Nakd bars and vanilla spo

Because these are awesome and need to be shared with as many people as possible, here are four super easy and totally delicious recipes I've tried this week. And they're all vegan-friendly! I have a dairy allergy. It's not life-threatening but it does make my face swell up and break out in hives and blisters, …

Silver the kitten: Two and a half months after adoption

Colour photo of a silver tabby kitten outside on a green lawn

At the end of September, I wrote about adopting this tiny ball of fluff. Silver was 8 weeks old then and only weighed 800g! I can't believe how much he's grown. At 10 weeks old, he still looked so kittenish, although he'd started zooming around at such a high speed that the best (or only!) …

Winter is here. Time for hygge!

Winter is here. Time for hygge!

Winter is here and I'm so excited! Autumn is beautiful but winter is really my favourite. I love the crisp chill in the air, the bare tree branches reaching through the cold and how much fun it is to make everything at home extra cosy. I remember the first time I heard about the concept …

Vikings and kittens (plus videos!)

Black and white photo of a man with long hair and a beard holding a sleeping silver tabby kitten

The men in my life ❤ Also, a few quick clips of Silver's first two weeks at home from my Instagram Story, and a very short video of him doing a back flip off the couch. Because the internet needs more kitten videos, right?  

Ten weeks old

Colour photo of a silver tabby kitten sleeping on a grey cushion

Silver the kitten turned ten weeks old on Saturday! I've been busily preparing for NaNoWriMo 2017 and he's been my little writing buddy. His contribution has mostly involved reminding me to take breaks by attacking my feet, but he's trying very hard.

New kitten (with photos!)

Colour photo of a silver tabby kitten with blue eyes

It felt strange not having a cat in the house, so we adopted this little cutie at the weekend. His name is Silver and he's just over eight weeks old. He loves the noises my camera makes and he's an awesome model. I'm sure I'll be taking lots more photos of him! He'll be appearing …

The loss of a furry heartbeat

Close-up colour photo of a black cat with green eyes and white whiskers

Shai, my beautiful kitty, died last week at the grand old age of seventeen. She'd been with me longer than my husband has (I got her when I was nineteen and I got him a year later), but she was kind enough to allow him to move in with us and, after a few months, …

So I gave the cat a bath

Colour photograph of a black cat wet from being washed

Shai had managed to roll in her own vomit, cause she's a disgusting beast sometimes, so I gave her a bath. She's clean. The bathroom isn't destroyed. We both lived to tell the tale. I'm counting this as a win. If anyone else out there finds themselves needing to wash a cat, I've figured out …

The Yule tree lives!

Close-up colour photograph of a yule tree in a pot

Last Yule, I decided I wanted a real tree. Not like a cut tree but an actual living tree. So we got one. It was a bit of an impulse buy from a supermarket so probably not the highest quality tree in the world, but I fell in love with it, sitting there wrapped in …

The intrepid explorer

Colour photo of a black cat on a patio next to a gravel path and a lawn

Now that we have a secure garden, Shai the ancient cat (she's 17!) can be an outdoor kitty for the first time in her life. She isn't interested in chasing birds but she loves wandering around and exploring the new parts of her little world. We picked up some pallets earlier in the week so …