Colour photograph of lower legs and bare feet standing on tip toes on a rough wooden floor
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It began by the sea as it usually does

Just a dream I had... It began by the sea as it usually does. This time there was no tidal wave but a crashing eternity of raging white horses. The water was warm. I walked in until it was up to my waist and then let myself fall back into it and under. I felt… Continue reading It began by the sea as it usually does

Black and white photo of a woman's body in a white dress
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The quiet girls

This is a putting-into-words of two dreams I had on consecutive nights. I haven't embellished it to turn it into more of a story and I can't explain any of it further than I already have without doing that. It's simply a product of my subconscious. I was wandering through the house, a place I… Continue reading The quiet girls

Colour photograph of a wooden hut with a tiled roof and broken window
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Dreams of seven houses

- I - The house I lived in when I was twenty, sparse then, but now there are too many pieces of furniture and extra appliances cluttering up the rooms. I keep trying to rearrange them to make them fit but they don’t fit and I feel claustrophobic. I think “There was enough before. I… Continue reading Dreams of seven houses

Colour photograph of a hand bandaged to give the appearance of missing two fingers, covered in fake blood
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And then I cut her fingers off

Some time ago, I dreamed a horror film. Or at least parts of one. Please excuse the slightly disconnected writing. It was a slightly disconnected dream. Parts were missing and I don't want to invent them. This isn't a story. It's just a dream. It began in the 1950s. I could tell by the furniture.… Continue reading And then I cut her fingers off