Make art (just because you want to)

Make art (just because you want to)

I believe art is a way of life, whether it's your job, your hobby, something that keeps you sane or something that keeps you breathing. The way I see it, art is for everyone and should be all about exploration and experimentation. Whoever you are and whatever inspires you, MAKE ART.

Is there still a place for personal blogging? Spoiler alert: I think so!

Is there still a place for personal blogging? (spoiler alert: I think so!)

Back in the days before influencer marketing, affiliate links and precisely curated aspirational lifestyle shop-my-look blogging, there was just blogging. It was new and strange and beautiful. It connected people. I was in love with it. I still am. And I'm pretty sure that least some of the people reading this now are too.

How to create a character profile: Free downloadable template for writers

How to create a character profile (with a free downloadable template for writers)

Over the last couple of years, and with a heap of research and a lot of use, I've built up a comprehensive character profile template covering a huge variety of aspects of your character's existence, from their appearance to their family life and work history to their motivations, secrets, pet peeves and so much more. It also includes some prompts to help with representation. It's been such a valuable tool for me and I'm really excited to share it with you.

5 ways writers can support each other online

5 ways writers can support each other online

If you're wondering how you can get more involved in writing communities online and offer encouragement to your fellow creators, especially writers who are publishing independently, I've put together a collection of ideas from my own experience for you to try.

Why self-publishing is good for readers

Why self-publishing is good for readers

When I think of how many amazing books there are out there that have never been published and probably never will be because the subject matter is thought to be too obscure or the story (or author) too unmarketable, it breaks my heart a little.