Hello all. So. When I started this blog, actually when I started this website, I was still thinking of writing as a business, or at least a someday-business. I was focused on earning money from it at some point in the future and therefore all my plans and activities were based around that assumption. This included having a website and a blog, because writers who treat writing as a business have websites and blogs.

Except. Over the last few months I’ve been going through a process of realisation, understanding, deconstruction and reconstruction, figuring shit out and getting to know myself and my own authentic values. An absolutely HUGE part of that has been coming to terms with the knowledge that I don’t want to pursue A Writing Career, that writing is about art and passion and fulfilment and, for me, treating it as a source of income destroys all those other aspects. It’s a pastime, a hobby, a recreational activity. It’s not a business and I don’t want it to be.

I also realised, since restarting this blog last November, that while I do love having a blog, I don’t love writing about writing and I also don’t want a personal blog or a blog about another subject to be attached to a website dedicated to my writing. And I don’t want a website built around me-as-a-person because it serves no purpose at this point and I don’t believe in keeping things around just because.

So, the point of all this is that I have a few months left on my paid-for WordPress plan, so I’m going to leave the homepage up for now, unpublish all the blog posts apart from this one and remove the blog link from the front page until I’ve had some time to think about what I actually want rather than what has wedged itself into my brain as a thing I should do because reasons.

My writing all lives on Wattpad and barring any massive changes to how Wattpad works or its user culture, my writing will continue to live there. I’m still on Twitter and Instagram, and I can’t imagine that changing any time soon either. You are all more than welcome to connect with me there. In fact, please do.

If I decide to start another blog before my paid plan is up, even if it’s on a totally different topic or just a personal blog with no specific direction, I’ll drop a quick post here and let you all know. If I end up coming back to this blog, that’ll be obvious too because new posts will start to appear. If I get to the end of my paid plan in August and decide to drop the whole thing, it’ll probably just vanish, but you’ll have forgotten all about it by then because five months is like a decade in internet years.

This whole situation, the mess the world is in and everything stirred up by trying to get through it, has nudged me towards a lot of thinking about what I want and why, how I spend my time, what I dedicate my energy to, and how utterly important it is to remove superfulous shoulds.

Whatever ends up happening with this site, thank you for being here. Much love ❤