My 2020 Wattpad reading challenge

My 2020 Wattpad reading challenge

Since diving into sharing my own writing on Wattpad (that's the only place you can read my stories at the moment) I've discovered a whole world of genuinely amazing fiction by incredibly talented writers from all over the world. I've talked here before about Wattpad's wonderful community, but this post looks at it from another angle. For 2020, the only place I'm getting my fill of fiction from is Wattpad...and it's off to a wonderful start! [click on the title to read more]

#vss365 microfiction on Twitter. December 2019 round-up

#vss365 microfiction on Twitter: December 2019 round-up

#vss365 stands for very short story 365, or very short story every day. A new prompt is posted daily in the tag on Twitter and anyone who wants to share their own Tweet-length piece of microfiction based on the prompt is welcome to join in. Sometimes people combine them with other writing prompts. I do this regularly, which is why you'll also see other tags in my Tweets. I gather each month of my #vss365 Tweets in this book on Wattpad, and I thought it would be fun to share them here on my blog too. So, here's my first #vss365 round-up post with Tweets from December 2019!

TRUST: my word for 2020

TRUST: my word for 2020

I don't do new year's resolutions. Instead, I choose a focus word for the year. This word represents something I find challenging and that has the potential to benefit my life if I view my choices through its lens. For 2020, my word for the year is TRUST. [click on the title to read more]

How discipline can get you through when motivation goes missing

How discipline can get you through when motivation goes missing

Motivation and discipline are both important parts of doing a thing, especially a creative thing. No matter how much you love doing the thing, how much you want to do it, how much it matters to you, it isn't always going to be easy and you probably won't always feel motivated. In those times, you can lean on discipline. Discipline is your friend. [click on the title to read more]

Writing communities I love: Wattpad

Writing communities I love: Wattpad

In my last post, I talked about why I love the writing community on Twitter. Today, I'm going to tell you why I love Wattpad. I've been on and off it a couple of times before, but this is the first time I've really dug into the community experience, and I'm so happy I did! My original intention was simply to have somewhere outside of my website to share my books and short stories, but there's so much more to Wattpad than that. [click on the title to read more]

Writing communities I love: Twitter

Writing communities I love: Twitter

I've drifted in and out of various online creative communities over the years. Twitter has been a constant. Wattpad is comparatively new. I was going to include both in this post, but it started to get really long, so today I'll be talking about Twitter and I'll tell you about my Wattpad experience in my next post. These posts aren't about creating your author platform, using social media to grow your audience, or anything even close to being instructional. They're about my own experiences, good humans, and creative connection. [click the title to read more]

Free character profile template for writers

One of the most important (and fun!) parts of writing fiction is creating characters that feel like real people, characters you can see and hear in your head, characters your readers will love, or love to hate. Complex, multidimensional characters have the potential to drive your story, engage your readers and create an impression that will have people begging for a sequel. [click the title to read more]

What I'm writing! Project Aria: Book One

What I'm writing. Project Aria: Book One

I mentioned in my last post that I was planning to introduce what I'm working on at the moment, so here it is! Project Aria is the working title for a trilogy and I wrote the first draft of book one during NaNoWriMo 2019 after plotting, planning and worldbuilding for months. I have absolutely no idea what the real titles for any of the books are going to be, but in my experience titles arrive when they want to. So, let's get into it! [click on the title to read more]

My writing story (so far) on

My writing story (so far)

I'm pretty sure almost all writers were told repeatedly at some point in their life that writing isn't a real job. I can't remember exactly when I started to believe that, but before I started applying for university, I'd given up on wanting to be a writer and decided that forensic psychology was definitely my career of choice (narrator voice: it was not her career of choice). [click the title to read more]