Hello, I’m Tanya. Originally from Northern Ireland, I now share a home in Scotland with a tall man, a small cat and an albino axolotl with a double-barrel surname. If you want to email me, you can do that at hello@tanyasimonesimpson.com and you can find me elsewhere online at…

  • Twitter, where I share brain spew, lines from writing projects and other creative bits
  • Instagram, where I post visual life fragments, sometimes art and often cat videos
  • DeviantArt, where I’m a Community Volunteer and post photography and writing
  • Tumblr, where I get lost in a stream of wonderful witchy and pagan things
  • Pinterest, where I gather aesthetic inspiration and other visual delights

I love coffee, yoga, cinnamon tea, driving at night, cooking, documentaries about the ocean, the ocean, documentaries about cooking, storms, horror films, the feeling of getting tattooed, expertly choreographed fight scenes, Irish bread, clean kitchens, literally all cats, playing other people’s pianos, and winter mornings. I’ve been a practising eclectic witch for a quarter of a century. I mean, since I was a teenager, which is the same number of years but it doesn’t sound as exciting. I’m a deeply passionate creative living advocate and I believe art is for everyone, always.

I’ve run a photography studio and I’ve taught photography. I’ve managed marketing and online communications. I’ve written for organisations and publications. Now I take photos because it makes me smile, the internet is my playground again, and I write because I have stories to tell.

Welcome to my online home ❤