Hello! I’m Tanya. I’m an INFJ, although the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator might be nonsense. I was born on the cusp of Sagittarius and Capricorn, except I don’t really believe in horoscopes. I’m in my mid-thirties, but I look younger and feel older. Do not stand in my way. I will walk around you.

Yoga is the reason there isn’t a trail of corpses in my wake. Don’t speak to me until I’ve had my coffee. I’m cool with squirrels eating from my bird feeder. Yes, that is a tattoo on my face and no, it didn’t hurt. My hair was a different colour last time you saw me. If I had to describe my approach to life with just one over-used quote it would be do no harm but take no shit.

I share my home in beautiful Edinburgh, Scotland, with a tall long-haired man, a small short-haired cat and an albino axolotl with a double-barrel surname. My mind is made of the internet, paganism, theories and experience of gender and sexuality, nature, recreational reading, planning and organising, weird entertainment media, the dark side of social science, and alternative culture.



This website is my online home and a place for my words and pictures. My photography portfolio lives here as does my collection of creative writing. I update the blog regularly(ish, most of the time) with creative bits and pieces, updates on the making of creative bits and pieces, rants and rambles, and whatever else I feel like nattering about.

I’ve been blogging since blogs have been a thing and have moved through phases of personal journalling to subject-specific writing to a more brand-focused approach and back to simply sharing my thoughts, experiences and creative output. What I’m doing right now makes me happy and happiness is important.



If you want to contact me by email, you can do that via hello@tanyasimonesimpson.com



If you’re hungry for more words than flash fiction can feed you, I post longer works (that you can read for free!) on Wattpad and Tablo.



I love social media. It started as something fun that I was deeply excited about, then it was my job (which I was moderately excited about), and now it’s something fun that I’m deeply excited about again. I’m not about enticing as many people as possible to follow me. I’m about genuine connections.

Ello is my favourite. It’s a small, tightly-knit community of creative people (and everyone seems to be not-teenagers, which is nice). I share writing and photography there. Bless ellowrites and all who sail in her.

Words, pictures and general brain-spew in 140 characters or less. Ever so slightly less steam-of-consciousness than Instagram Stories, but still pretty unfiltered brain-to-internet action.

Photos, photos and more photos. When I’m not posting Real Photography, I’m uploading ephemeral life-fragments, cat pictures and ridiculous things to my Instagram Story.

My Tumblr is what the inside of my head looks like. It’s home to word-things that are too long for Twitter, photos I take and a heap of stuff I enjoy reading and looking at, mostly subculture aesthetics, fan trash, witchy stuff, nature and delightful humans.

This is my Page, not my personal profile. My personal profile is friends-only and I don’t use it a lot. My Page is for the small number of people who Facebook’s algorithms actually show my content to since I’m not paying them. As you can probably tell, Facebook is not my favourite. I’ve had the page forever though and I do update it regularly, mostly with photos and links to what I’m getting up to elsewhere.

DA will probably always feel like home to me. I’ve been there for over a decade and I’m a Community Volunteer looking after the general photography galleries. I post photography and writing. I also spend a lot of time encouraging other people to make and share art cause I am really, really for people making and sharing art.

I don’t really use Pinterest in a social-media-ish way, but it’s there and I like it so if you’re interested in clothes I can’t afford, hair styles I’m too lazy to have, nail polish I don’t have the requisite skill to apply, crafting projects I mean to try but probably won’t, actually useful writing stuff, also actually useful planning and organising stuff, queer culture and people I think are beautiful, this is a good place to see all that.

My YouTube channel is very new. It’s an informal video blog where I chat about writing, photography, paganism, witchcraft, online life, home and garden stuff, and anything else that comes to mind. I’m absolutely bloody terrified of being on video, so expect some (hopefully endearing) nervousness!



All photographs and words on this site are copyright Tanya Simone Simpson (all rights reserved) unless otherwise stated. If you’re interested in including something I’ve created in something you’re creating, please get in touch at hello@tanyasimonesimpson.com with details of your project.