About me

Writer. Photographer. Eclectic pagan witch. Compulsively organised. Head full of storms. Equal parts gratuitous violence and sweet poetry. A large coffee please.

Hello! I’m Tanya. I’m an INTJ, although the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator might be nonsense. I was born on the cusp of Sagittarius and Capricorn, except I don’t really believe in horoscopes. If I had to describe my approach to life with just one over-used quote, it would be do no harm but take no shit.

Originally from Northern Ireland, I now share a home in beautiful Edinburgh, Scotland, with my little family – a tall man, a small cat and an albino axolotl with a double-barrel surname.

I’m not really an insert-genre-here writer, photographer or blogger which makes it difficult to describe exactly what I do, but liberating and joyful to do it ❤

You can read my writing story and my photography story for more detail about what and how I create.



This website is my online home and a place for my words and pictures. My photography portfolio lives here as does my collection of creative writing. I update my blog regularly with posts about blogging and social media, health and well-being, home and garden, paganism and witchcraft, planning and productivity, photography and art, and writing and (self/indie) publishing, as well as personal updates and news.

I’ve been blogging since blogs have been a thing and have moved through phases of personal journalling and more subject-specific writing over the years. My goal here, now, is to share a life of creativity, authenticity and inspiration 🙂



If you want to contact me by email, you can do that via hello@tanyasimonesimpson.com



All photographs and words on this site are copyright Tanya Simone Simpson (all rights reserved) unless otherwise stated. If you’re interested in including something I’ve created in something you’re creating, please get in touch at hello@tanyasimonesimpson.com with details of your project.