Writing communities I love: Wattpad

In my last post, I talked about why I love the writing community on Twitter. Today, I’m going to tell you why I love Wattpad. I’ve been on and off it a couple of times before, but this is the first time I’ve really dug into the community experience, and I’m so happy I did! My original intention was simply to have somewhere outside of my website to share my books and short stories, but there’s so much more to Wattpad than that.

An introduction to Wattpad

If you haven’t heard of Wattpad, it’s a HUGE platform where anyone can post their writing for free and anyone can read it (and comment on it, and vote on it) for free. It’s home to an absolutely massive range of styles and genres, and there are writers and readers there from all over the world. Because it’s such an extensive site, it’s easy to feel invisible when you first join, but that only lasts for as long as you let it last.

If you have heard of Wattpad, you might think it’s filled with teenage romance stories and fanfiction. And you know what? There’s a lot of that. It’s easy to feel old on Wattpad if you’re of legal voting age, but there are LOTS of real live grown-ups there too. We might not be the majority, but we’re definitely there and we’re pretty good at finding each other.

Because Wattpad is free for absolutely anyone to use as a platform for sharing their writing, you’ll find everything from thirteen year old’s first drafts of boy band fanfic to polished final draft novels by experienced authors (I shit you not, Margaret Atwood is on Wattpad). At first, you’ll get a lot of automatic suggestions for paid content and also for things that may not interest you, but the more you read, the more the suggested content becomes tailored to your taste. It’s also super easy to browse by tag and genre, so you’ll find stories to read and love in no time.

There’s so much more to it as a platform than just reading and writing. Wattpad has its own publishing imprint now. There are stories you can pay to read on the site. There are programs and projects and contests and goodness knows what else to inspire, involve and encourage writers in their craft and career. Like I said, it’s huge. But that’s not what I want to talk about.

Writing community on Wattpad

Wattpad has an epic community vibe. That’s what I missed the first couple of times I lurked there. I posted my own writing and read some other people’s, but I didn’t venture into the forums. This time though, wow! Again, if you’re beyond the young adult and new adult age groups, you’ll probably feel old in a lot of parts of the forums. But also, you’ll be perfectly home in so many places there. There’s a section called The Pub for Wattpad’s older users, and the for-everyone categories for improving your writing, networking, and general chat are home to people of all ages.

It’s honestly one of the friendliest places I’ve hung out on the internet. Maybe I was lucky and I just hit a vein of excellent people, but if I did that, so can you. While I am on Wattpad to share my stories, I’m not there to chase Internet Fame. It’s certainly an awesome feeling when people read and comment on the stories I’ve shared, and I read other people’s stories every day, but my focus is more on connecting with other writers, which the forums are perfect for.

I don’t feel anywhere near qualified to educate anyone about how to use Wattpad or how things work there. I’m still very much finding my feet and I’m learning every day, but it’s fun and I’m enjoying it. The platform itself is simple to use, I’ve found so much amazing writing there, and people are generally really friendly and welcoming.

If you’re on Wattpad already, or you’d like to join after reading this, you can find me as EveryNextDream there, so do come and say hello!

A final note

It’s my birthday on Saturday, my parents are visiting for a few days, my husband has a little bit of time off work, then it’s Chritmas, so I’ll be having a week of reduced online activity to spend time with my family. I’ll be back after that to talk about motivation, discipline and creative projects, which feels very appropriate with the new year on the way!

I’d love to see you back here for that post, so you’re very welcome to subscribe to receive email notifications using the subscription thingy in the sidebar, or click the Follow tab at the bottom right of your screen if you’re a WordPress user and you’d like to see my posts in your WordPress Reader.

I hope you have a wonderful festive season, whatever and however you celebrate ❤

9 thoughts on “Writing communities I love: Wattpad

    1. I’ve probably mentioned or written about having a word for the year before. It’s something I’ve been doing for a while now and I find it way more effective for making positive changes then I ever found resolutions to be.

      It’s also a good-uncomfortable challenge digging through my brain and being honest with myself about what I actually need to work on. 2020 is my year of Trust and that’s way past due in terms of stuff I need to deal with, but I’m also not entirely looking forward to digging through that particular dumpster.

      I’d been dithering about writing a whole post on the topic of choosing a word for the year and I talked myself out of it. Maybe it would be a useful thing to share?


  1. I think it would be great to do a post on it. I usually chose a word or concept for a year. My 2019 words were ‘New’ and ‘Wild’ and I think I’ve experienced a fair bit of both this year! I’m leaning towards ‘Curious / Curiosity’ for 2020

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  2. I agree! Wattpad is a really unique and interesting niche on the web.

    I think that has to do with attracting a well-read demographic. People who love to read a lot are simply awesome people. We tend to be curious and super open to fresh, raw ideas.

    Writers can be self-absorbed types of people (I say that with loving kindness, knowing I am one). But I think Wattpad attracts writers who respect readers enough to offer a lot of free material and/or personal interaction, and who read a lot themselves.

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    1. It hit me the other day that while there are lots of people on Wattpad who write AND read, there are also people who only write and peopel who only read, with no overlap.

      The more I think about that, the more it shows me how different Wattpad is from so many other corners of the internet. I feel like I’m really finding my people there and, so far, it’s been such a welcoming place.


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