Winter Follows: My new novel, out now for free download

One month, one city, five lives colliding with the forces of fate. A thrill-seeking tech genius with an appetite for dangerous extremes. A retired contract killer fighting to escape his past and himself. An underworld driver tempted deeper into a life of violence. A heartbroken musician lost in hedonistic free fall. A soldier burdened with prophecy who only wants to go home. Dark, dark days. Beginnings…

Download Winter Follows as a free EPUB, MOBI and PDF HERE

You know what? It’s really weird to have finally finished a writing project that has been part of my life for over two years. Although I didn’t write the first full draft until NaNoWriMo in November 2017, the characters and story were in development for a lot longer than that. Those fictional people came to life in my head. We had a lot of conversations. Some days, I asked them how they would approach mundane activities like laundry or grocery shopping. Other days, I had their thoughts without even meaning to. When you create humans, even the incorporeal kind, they become part of you. Some people have an inner child. I have an inner middle-aged contract killer. It’s alright. I like him. He can stay.

Because writing, for me, is more about the process than the finished result, I don’t feel a swell of excitement or a deeply settled sense of satisfaction or completion. I don’t really feel anything at all. In a detached way, I’m glad it’s finished because there were a few times when I felt like maybe it never would be. I hit a few blocks that I thought were about the book but, as it turned out, really weren’t. Life can really fuck up my muse sometimes.

In the time I’ve been developing and writing this story, I’ve done a lot of…personal development, I guess? That sounds too intentional. Stuff changed in my head. Sometimes it did it by itself and sometimes I worked on changing it. I’ve shed a lot of metaphorical dead weight from my heart and soul and life over the last couple of years and I feel more like myself now than I have in a long time. The book isn’t a reflection of that in any way, but it was with me throughout and, because of that, it feels more like part of me than anything else I’ve ever written. Right now, I don’t love it or hate it, but I’m comfortably aware that I told exactly the story I wanted to tell, exactly the way I wanted to tell it. Maybe that’s all that matters.

My mind is tired. I don’t feel like writing at the moment. I don’t feel like creating anything or talking about anything or internetting. Not in a sad way, but just like I need to recharge. I want to tell more of these characters’ stories as prequels, sequels and what-ifs, so that’ll most likely happen as flash fiction at some point. But today, this week, for however long, I just need to not. And it’s OK.

I’m about to schedule blog posts for the next five days with the first chapter from each character, so watch this space (or subscribe to the blog, or follow me on Twitter) for those. If you’re interested in why I made the conscious and informed choice to give the book away as a free download (with the option to send a gift via Ko-fi or PayPal if you like) rather than selling it or trying to get someone else to sell it, I talked about that a few months ago here.

It’s kind of summer here, or at least it’s hot right now. I’m going to go lie outside and get some star damage. Much love ❤

2 thoughts on “Winter Follows: My new novel, out now for free download

  1. Congratulations! I’m excited to read this! I’ve been much busier than usual this week, so I haven’t even read the previews you’ve posted so far, but will get to sweep through them all at once tonight.

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