Photography: Spring garden

Over the last few weeks, the garden has begun to flourish with spring and the hedges and trees all around are full, lush and green. It’s been ages (OK, about a month, maybe) since I last took pictures of pretty pieces of nature, so my camera and I went out this morning in search of garden beauty.

Strawberry Flower

Our strawberry patch has expanded into an additional planter because strawberry plants are the unstoppable force and will do their best to fill new ground. This is the first little strawberry flower of the year so far and I’m so excited about all the delicious fruit that’s going to happen later.


Our lilac tree is still a baby by tree standards, but it’s grown so much and is enjoying it’s second year in our garden. I love how tiny and cute lilac flowers are!


What started as a few tiny mint plants last year has grown to fill two large planters. There are a few different varieties and while they died back a bit over the winter, they never completely succumbed to the chilly weather and are now back in full force again. The leaves are amazing in tea and as cake decorations, and I’m definitely using them as an excuse to make mojitos this year.

Alpine Succulent

Finally, this little alpine succulent is one of a few we planted in a shadier part of the garden. I’ve never grown succulents outdoors before and it felt so weird because I’ve always thought of them as indoor plants for some reason. These little ones are thriving and they’re very photogenic 🙂

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