Photography: Photinia and sun (+ garden update)

Photinia and sun

I can’t believe it’s almost two years since we planted the photinia red robin! The beautiful crimson leaves have had a huge growth spurt over the last few weeks, in spite of the sudden bursts of sleet and snow, and it’s all starting to look like an actual hedge now instead of just spindly vines attached to a trellis.

Edible flower garden seeds

I’m also super excited about these edible flowers! It’s the first time I’ve grown something outdoors from seed in my entire adult life (I’ve only had an outdoors in which to grow things for the last couple of years) and I really hope they thrive. I planted them a couple of days ago, I’ve been watering them and talking to them in the mornings, and the weather is warm and sunny at the moment, so hopefully they’re getting the best chance possible to grow.

The things we’ve grown from baby plants, rather than seed, have all done really well, but there’s something a little bit nerve-racking about waiting for the first sprouts to appear through the soil. The packet doesn’t have any information about how many days to sprout, so I have to wait and see. There’s probably an important life lesson in there somewhere 🙂

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