Bullet journal prettiness for April 2019

I don’t post bullet journal photos here often because a) I don’t change things up in my bullet journal very often so regular photos would be repetitive, and b) if I share photos of my bullet journal online all the time I end up focusing on its appearance rather than its functionality.

Bullet journal prettiness for April 2019

That said, April’s monthly spread and first weekly spread are quite different from February’s (which you can see here) and March’s (which I didn’t post because it was really similar to February’s), so it’s being shared 🙂

April 2019 bullet journal monthly spread

I don’t usually include much pretty/doodly stuff in my bullet journal, again because I end up focusing too much on how it looks and not enough on how it works. BUT. I like colours. I like my erasable pastel highlighters. I like doodling. I like drawing little hearts and making things pretty. This is nowhere near the level of decoration a lot of people add to their bullet journal spreads, but it’s a lot more than my usual minimal lines.

April is Camp NaNoWriMo month (much excite!), so I’ve included a tracker for my fifty hour editing goal. There’s something deeply rewarding about putting an x in a box, so I’m actually massively motivated by the thought of doing that fifty times in a month. I mean, it’s also deeply rewarding to get closer to finishing my current writing project, but still. Putting an x in a box, you know?

My monthly spread is fairly minimal, with only a line for each day instead of a calendar made of boxes, and a space to write notes and stuff-to-do-but-not-on-specific-dates tasks. It was so relaxing adding colour and a little bit of design to my monthly spread, I definitely feel inspired to boost my planning with a bit of art therapy from now on, even if I don’t end up sharing the results online.

April 2019 bullet journal weekly spread 1

My weekly spreads for the last couple of months have been very tracker-heavy, but I really want to focus on Camp NaNoWriMo in April, so I’m using Fitbit for activity-related things and I’ve set a reminder on my phone for my daily French lessons (I’m going to rave about how awesome Duolingo is in an up-coming blog post but OMG IT IS AWESOME). The only things I’m tracking in April are homemaking stuff, because I literally forget when things get done if I don’t write it down, and gratitude, because keep a gratitude log has become so much a part of my life that I can’t imagine not doing it. Honestly, starting my day writing down something I’m grateful for puts me in the best mood. I fully recommend it.

April 2019 bullet journal weekly spread 2

My second spread for the first week of April is another super minimal set of pages, with a tiny amount of decoration, a space for each day and a space for notes. I’m kind of impressed with myself for last-minute remembering to take photos of my spreads before I filled in all the details, so I didn’t need to blur anything out or cover it up. Go me, sort of remembering a thing!

That’s it for my current bullet journal set-up. I’m beyond hyper about getting stuck into Camp NaNo on Monday and I’ll be Tweeting my way through the month, so come and say hi on Twitter if we don’t already follow each other ❤

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