Life update: Ink, spiders and smoky quartz

Life update: Ink, spiders and smoky quartz

It’s been a while since I posted a life update and a lot of life has been happening, so here goes!

My friend Laura is an apprentice tattooist (tattooer? tattoo artist? what’s the right word for that?) and she designed this beautiful piece for my chest, then inked me last weekend. I love getting tattoos, which makes me either the best or worst person to learn on, and I’m so happy with my beautiful new body art! The picture above was taken as soon as the tattoo was finished and it’s healing really well so far.

Post-tattoo, I got to share a bedroom with these two beauties, Laura’s pet tarantulas Pretta (left) and Pidge (right). They were a bit shy when I arrived, but when I got up the next morning they’d both ventured out in the open (open-ish anyway, they were in enclosures) and I got to take a couple of photos. I even got to stroke Pretta’s fluffy bum! My husband is most definitely not a fan of spiders so it’s unlikely I’ll ever adopt any, but it’s lovely to cuddle other people’s arachochildren.

Smoky quartz bracelets

I’ve been busy making lots of jewellery and plotting the opening of an online shop (totally still at the plotting stages though!). The bracelets in the picture above are made with smoky quartz which is fast becoming my new favourite stone. I’ve missed making art with physical objects and there’s something wonderfully meditative about working with such tiny pieces. It shrinks the whole world down to the size of the space between my hands and while I start to squint after a couple of hours, it’s been a very soothing experience so far. If you’d like to see more of the things I’m making, those live on my witchy Instagram, bewitchingthestorm.

I hope you’re all having a fabulous 2019 so far. I can’t believe how quickly the first few weeks of this year have gone by!

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