A new witchy creative project

A new witchy creative project

I write about pagan and witchy stuff here in as much as it’s been an integral part of my day to day existence for the last twenty-something years, so it’s kind of impossible for it not to come up when I’m blogging about what I’m getting up to. I’m not really into separating parts of my life online because it’s a lot of hassle and it feels weird, because I’m me with all my parts at the same time, you know? It’s a pretty specific area of interest though and for a while I’ve wanted to dive deeper into witchcraft-inspired creative exploration and online community.

I’ve been using the name Bewitching the Storm on Tumblr since the end of last year and I registered it as a domain name and Instagram handle a while back, in case I wanted to use it for anything else. Honestly, I’m still not entirely sure what it’s going to grow into, online or offline, but BewitchingTheStorm.com is now a thing (it’s just a basic info page at the moment, not a blog…yet, or maybe ever, I don’t know), and I’m sharing witchy content on Instagram as well.

In the spirit of doing things because there are things I can do, I’ll be sharing a table with my coven sisters at the Scottish Pagan Federation conference in April, selling witchy craft. That means quite a bit of my time over the next couple of months will be spent creating jewellery with semi-precious gemstones (like the amethyst bracelets in that photo up there!), which I’m super excited about because I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed making actual physical objects with my hands. It’s a beautifully meditative process and I like shiny things. So.

I’m looking forward to seeing where all this takes me and thoroughly revelling in the experience of having absolutely no idea just yet 🙂

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