Witch’s bullet journal: February 2019

I’ve been so back and forth about sharing bullet journal stuff here. I did, then I didn’t, then I did again, then I deleted those posts because it felt weirdly personal and my bullet journal isn’t a super fancy artsy book and…argh. Yeah. But apparently an actual working bujo is a thing people like to see (I know I do!), so I figured out a way to do it that will hopefully be helpful for other people but won’t feel too creepy-overshare for me. I may or may not do more of these posts. I don’t really see the point in repeating them monthly unless something changes dramatically, but I’ll see how it goes.

Let me know if you’d like to see more bullet journal content here! I’ve been bullet journalling on and off for a few years now and could honestly talk about it forever, so if you have any questions or if there’s anything specific you’d like to see in my bujo or hear my take on, do leave a comment 🙂

Witch's bullet journal February 2019

The pictures below look quite sparse because I shot them after I’d created my spreads but before I added any of my personal bits and pieces, but they should still get the point across.

I incorporate my spirituality into my bullet journalling because witchcraft is part of my everyday life, so it makes sense for it to be another element of my planning and organising. I set aside time to do ritual work around moon phases and seasonal festivals, for example, so of course I need to be able to schedule that time. I still have my cyberwitch book of digital shadows that lives in OneNote, but for on-going and everyday witching rather than reference material, my bujo is the most practical place for it.

This is my monthly spread for February. I haven’t actually been using monthly spreads for a while because I use Google Calendar to keep track of longer-term stuff, but I missed having an easy monthly view in my bullet journal. I’ve included moon phases (new, first quarter, full and last quarter) and festival dates (Imbolc), as well as a space to record my new moon intention and full moon focus. The section on the far right with the numbers is a habit tracker. Habit trackers are great but if you’re going to include them in your bullet journal, please make sure you’re doing it for positive reasons and not melting your own head with a self-imposed sense of obligation (take it from someone who’s been there!).

Next is my homemaking list. I used to just tick things off when they were done, but it’s helpful to remember when certain things happened – like what day a thing gets done that needs to be done weekly, so it gets done again roughly a week later, not almost two weeks later – so I started keeping a note of what day each regular task was completed. Then, because I’m driven by the motivation to make my life easier where possible, I realised I could fit a whole month’s worth of homemaking lists onto one page instead of writing them out again each week. So that’s what I did.

The right hand page is my gratitude log. Again, I was doing this weekly but since I aim to only write one line per day in my bullet journal (I have a separate long-form journal for writing detailed musings), it was easier to fit a whole month onto one page. If you’ve never kept a gratitude log, I know it might sound a bit hokey but I promise it’s worth doing. Seriously, even on the worst day, there’s something to be grateful for. Setting aside even a small amount of time every day to think about awesome stuff is so good for the soul, especially if you do it first thing in the morning! It puts me in such a positive mindset for the rest of the day.

Finally, my super minimal weekly spread. Because my trackers, homemaking bits and gratitude log are now monthly, my weekly spread is very simple and only takes up two pages. This layout gives me plenty of space to write details for each task – for example, if I don’t remind myself to Tweet the link to a blog post as well as writing the post in the first place, I will forget to do it – so I actually don’t even need daily pages most of the time.

For any other stationery lovers out there, my notebook is a Leuchtturm 1917 (yes, I did have to look up how to spell that and no, I’m not sure how to pronounce it) in A5 size with dot grid paper. It’s a Metallic Edition in silver, because I’d lusted after what is basically a ridiculously expensive pile of paper for so long that when I finally decided to treat myself to one, I figured go big or go home.

The pens I use are Pilot Frixion, which I adore for two reasons. Firstly, they’re erasable. As a recovering perfectionist, being able to easily erase things helps me use my bullet journal as a functional tool instead of feeling so anxious about messing it up that I end up not wanting to use it. The second reason I love Frixion is that the range includes pastel highlighters. Erasable pastel highlighters. Be still my heart.

So, that’s it for February’s bullet journal! I hope January has been awesome for you! Here’s to a wonderful February ❤

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