Back on Instagram: It feels dirty and wrong but I like it

Back on Instagram: It feels dirty and wrong but i like it

I think we can all agree that I’m basically social media trash for doing this, but I started using Instagram again. A lot of what I said in my Why I deleted my Instagram post from a couple of months ago still stands, but completely obliterating my account and starting fresh – with an email address that has never been connected to Instagram or Facebook before – shifted my perspective a bit.

I’m not (currently) sharing Real Photography™ on Instagram (you can always find that here and on DeviantArt though) and I have no interest in following, or being followed by, everyone I’ve ever met. I’m not there to build a brand or be a brand or do anything that involves seeing myself as some sort of entity outside of my human-ness. I’m there partly to share my own ephemeral life fragments and partly to see other people’s. I enjoy it and there’s no deeper meaning than that. It’s actually OK to do things just because you enjoy them.

I keep remembering that I don’t work in internet-world anymore, I’m not running a business and I’m not promoting anyone else’s, so I get to use social media for fun. I mean, I know that, but it’s clearly taking a while for the deeply ingrained sense of obligation to be fully exorcised from my online activities.

So yeah, the adverts are kind of annoying and fuck Farcebook to death, but also I like sharing random snapshots of leaves changing colour and videos of my cat chasing things and Instagram is a nice place to do that.

If you’re also contributing to the downfall of society by posting pictures on a social media app, you can find me at

2 thoughts on “Back on Instagram: It feels dirty and wrong but I like it

  1. The Instagram app kept crashing on my phone, so that ended my brief look into it. I might consider Flickr, but only once it’s fully extricated from Yahoo and doesn’t require I create a profile with that clusterfuck again. DeviantArt is meh, but at least I can zip through notifications quickly.

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    1. I completely despise Flickr with a deep and burning passion. If someone in the magical land of Flickr rule policing decides that one of your photos isn’t appropriately tagged as being Moderate or Restricted, they won’t tell you which one it is and will restrict all your content until you figure it out yourself. Considering you made the mistake in the first place, figuring it out yourself with no additional info is basically impossible.

      I was pretty disgusted when they did this with my personal account, but it happened to an account I’d taken over for a charity I was working for at the time and that was the final nail in the Flickr coffin for me. The charity had a paid-for plan for years and literally thousands of photos uploaded there, but Flickr still wouldn’t actually let us know which one of the 14,000 photos was wrongly tagged, so they just restricted everything and we couldn’t do anything to fix it.

      Maybe they’ve wised up about that now but I’ll always have a big wall of nope built around them because of those experiences.


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