Minutiae and ephemera (plus bonus Photo Booth silliness!)

Remember a couple of months ago I wrote about deleting my Instagram? That’s all still relevant but I miss some aspects of it. Mostly Stories, because they were casual and random and lovely instead of being part of a grid of images that sort of all have to look good together (at least to a compulsive perfectionist). Since I don’t miss the spammy ads and all the other things I talked about in that other post, I have no intention of diving back into any part of the Farcebook empire.

But I do miss sharing mostly contextless bits and pieces of visual stuff. Twitter, for all it’s writing community amazingness, has never felt like a place for “here’s a not-really-artistic but still vaguely interesting picture of a thing I noticed today.” I even contemplated starting a new Tumblr (and by contemplated, I mean signed up for and almost did something with but changed my mind) just for those pictures, but the thought of adding another social media profile to my life made me twitch a bit, so I decided against it.

So, I’m going to share those small fragments of life here instead. Because I keep reminding myself that I can do that if I want to. Because this is my blog and I get to decide what to put on it. Because it makes me happy.

On the subject of non-artistic photos, I was lying in bed the other night, reading on my iPad by the night of my ridiculous pink lamp. I really only have the iPad for reading textbooks, online magazines and blogs, so it’s a wonderful haven of distraction-free delight. I threw all the apps I don’t use but can’t delete onto the second desktop and never looked at them again. Except for the other night, when I did. And I remembered Photo Booth existed. And this happened. The top left photo is the ‘normal’ version of me in bed with a pink lamp shining on me after spending the entire day working on an essay. The rest are pure silliness and joy, because I’m easily amused.

6 thoughts on “Minutiae and ephemera (plus bonus Photo Booth silliness!)

  1. Funny you mention Tumblr. I deleted mine yesterday, after downloading 28GB+ of post data(!)

    While there is a lot of lovely stuff on Tumblr, you can’t have a proper conversation, only reblog and add your comment on the end. That generates enormous hairballs in your feed and gets annoying after a while. Then there is the hassle of dealing with spam accounts, and Tumblr’s insistence on shutting your blog from the rest of the Internet if it has anything remotely adult on it. The final straw came when I found that it’s nigh-on impossible to get a working RSS feed for most Tumblogs now. So it’s gone now. I can get my eye-candy elsewhere, so not a huge loss.

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    1. Tumblr’s a weird one for me because I love it as a place to browse but I don’t really get anything from posting on it, partly because of the lack of ability to have an actual conversation as you mentioned. I deleted my old Tumblr a while back then signed up again, but I’ll probably just use the account for browsing. I’m the same way with Pinterest. I enjoy it as a thing but it’s not social for me.


  2. I miss your lovely photos on Instagram, because I loved seeing the beauty you found in the everyday, so this definitely was a satisfying post ❤ I’d love to see you make posts like this on DA!


    1. With photos that are less…intentionally arty (?) I always feel weird about putting them on DA. Like, they look good all together as ‘here are a bunch of things with nice colours and patterns’ but as individual photos they don’t feel enough or something. Plus, the actual photo quality tends to not be amazing cause I seem to notice the interesting things when there isn’t much light around. I could just stash them all and post them in journals, maybe?


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