Study update, amazing things to watch and the best blanket ever

Study update, amazing things to watch and the best blanket ever

It’s been about a month since I started back to uni and I am in love. I don’t really know how else to describe how it feels. I wake up excited about studying and it’s often the first thing I do after I’ve made coffee. Even with my tendency to get fully obsessive about stuff I like (let’s take a moment to appreciate that wild understatement), I usually find myself needing time away from a thing so I can empty it out of my brain for a while. But not with this. It’s finding its way into my recreational reading, from srs bsns legit science (I have 24/7 online access to the uni library and I still can’t entirely comprehend that) to my Feedly packed with psych blogs. Even my Netflix list, which has always been heavy on the social, cultural and crime documentaries, feels like fuel. Because it’s all connected. Everything is.

About my Netflix list, although not the documentary side of it, I’ve watched three things in the last few weeks that have totally blown me away. First of all, Apostle. If you feel the desire to devote two hours of your life to a film that is as amazing when taken at face value as it is when viewed as a great- sprawling metaphor, and you’re fine with some truly brutal torture, watch this immediately. It’s fucking incredible.

Secondly, The Haunting of Hill House. Oh. My. God. This was was so much more than I expected when I started watching. I figured it would probably be a bit creepy in a crap-but-enjoyable horror-y way but I was so wrong. First of all, it’s not a bit creepy. It’s legit unnerving, even by my standards (I’m not easy to unnerve) and there’s a deep sense of creeping dread and discomfort that winds through every scene. Also, there are a few emotional gut punches that I wasn’t prepared for at all. It’s not at all what I thought it was going to be and I honestly cannot recommend it highly enough.

My third amazing recent watch was season three of Daredevil. The dark Marvel shows on Netflix (apart from Iron Fist, which doesn’t really do it for me) have a stunning knack for twisting perceptions of characters’ motivations and actions, shining a light on the nature of good and evil as social constructs. It’s really hard to talk about in relation to a specific season of a show without giving too much away, but if you enjoyed previous seasons of Daredevil, you’ll enjoy this. Also, the choreography of the fight scenes is just…be still, my heart.

Finally, in this mess-of-all-the-things post, I got up to a lovely surprise this morning. My husband had arrived home from work before I woke up, so by the time I dragged my carcass out of bed, he was asleep in the other room and there was a bag with my name on it in the kitchen. It contained literally the softest, snuggliest EVER blanket (in the photo at the top) and I’m sitting here wrapped in a cloud of sensory joy. It’s been a good start to the weekend.

4 thoughts on “Study update, amazing things to watch and the best blanket ever

      1. Same! I’ve seen season one three or four times now. Tried to introduce my partner to it, but he didn’t like it, said it was too slow. (I’m still in shock!) Frank is such a complex character. Brutal, yet the amount of empathy I have for him is so high.

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        1. I love that it could so easily have been a very different show, all one-dimensional macho pro-military entertainment propaganda. But instead they took it in such a courageous and relevant direction, and had side plots and supporting characters with as much depth as the main storyline. Also, the in-your-face violent aesthetic and sound design are totally balls to the wall. And Jon Bernthal is captivating to watch. Just all round appreciation for that show!

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