A selection of very short (dark) stories

Having recently discovered the #vss365 (very short stories every day) tag on Twitter, I’ve been enjoying a daily nudge from my muse, with each day’s prompt inspiring me to write something new that has nothing to do with the book I’m working on.

My current book, Winter Follows, is an experiment in inspiration. Consciously breaking away from my usual tendency towards hyper-organisation and structure, I’m very intentionally editing Winter Follows as and when the desire takes me rather than to a timetable. There are no deadlines, neither external nor self-imposed. If you’ve known me for more than five minutes, you’ll appreciate what a huge departure that is for me. I’ve never worked on a writing project, or any project, this way before so it’s a wonderful voyage of discovery and I’m really enjoying it.

Having a little creative writing mission every day is just what I need to keep those juices flowing while still allowing me to edit Winter Follows with the freedom that feels right for the project. A lot of my recent #vss365 Tweets have been seasonally dark so I thought it would be fun to share a selection of them here. Enjoy!

A selection of very short (dark) stories

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