Photography: Storm day

I’m trying this thing right now where I allow myself to step away from I am going to take a bright, shiny picture of this eye-catchingly beautiful thing (which is fun and lovely, so I’m not putting that down at all) and capture more everyday scenes and moments.

I’m challenging myself to shoot and process end-to-end on mobile, and embrace a more low-fi aesthetic. It’s a noticeable contrast to most of my recent work, so it represents a big step out of my comfort zone as I try to look at the world around me through a different lens, both literally and figuratively.

It’s a bit of an experiment for me in terms of both style and substance, and it feels a little strange to share these pictures on here because I know they aren’t what people expect from me. But I’ve never much concerned myself with other people’s expectations so it would be a bit weird if I suddenly started doing that now.

Today’s pictures are a series of three photos taken during a storm. The colours of everything felt muted and heavy, and the sense of disruption filtered through from outdoors to indoors. It was beautiful.

Storm Day 01: Trees silhouetted against a cloudly sky.
Storm Day 02: Fallen leaves and a feather lying on grass.
Storm Day 03: Colours of a stormy day seen through frosted glass with a leaf pattern.

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