Time for a short fiction break

Time for a short fiction break

A long time ago in a galaxy far…OK, about a year and a half ago, right here on this website, I did a month-long flash fiction challenge. The stories were originally posted here, then I freaked out about having so much first-draft-ish stuff on this site (that was the point of the challenge, to write a thing every day) and removed it, then I chose a few of my favourite pieces and packaged them into ebooks.

Since fiction is what I’m mainly writing at the moment, I figured it made sense to have some of it available to read here without having to download anything. This realisation came about while, after copious amounts of cider, I tried to describe that one story about the gay spies, inspired by Katatonia lyrics to a friend and couldn’t show her the thing immediately.

I didn’t want to flood people’s feed readers or notifications with new things but I did want to post everything at once instead of scheduling them over the next however many days, so I set my site to private for a few minutes and, by the power of WordPress, uploaded a bunch of short fiction that you can now read here. Yay!

Evidence, omerta
Your bullet didn’t end up where we’d agreed it should but I don’t doubt for a moment that it ended up exactly where you meant to put it. And I still can’t hold it against you, even now.
Read it HERE

Cigarettes as a metaphor for heartbreak

Lying on my bed in a haze of smoke I remembered your smile, your eyes, all those clichés. How amazing for someone who forgets most faces in an instant. I pulled my sleeves down over shaking hands with chewed fingernails and tried to hate you.
Read it HERE


It started when I read that 2,450 volts of electricity would be passed through my brother’s body and energy began to mean something different to me.
Read it HERE

Heartbled and soulrisen

She may have armed her horsemen but no-one burns bridges like I do, so I raise a silent toast to her apocalypse and hope she spends her thirty pieces of silver on something that matters more to her than I ever did.
Read it HERE

To Mother’s farm

And they might wonder why he’s missing all his teeth. And his tongue. And his fingers. And his left eyeball. And where those electrical burns came from.
Read it HERE

The Mariana Trench and Everest

They say you aren’t supposed to be able to die in dreams, but I did. Every night I drowned in my dreams and every day I drowned in reality.
Read it HERE

The ninth step

Can you explain to her that as soon as I felt the impact, the world broke open and hell closed in around me?
Read it HERE

What did you expect from drugs and holidays?

I witnessed this shift from one world to another through tears and tinted lenses, wishing I was beyond my burdens and imagining them trailing by a rope behind the car and breaking into pieces on the road.
Read it HERE

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