Photography: Grass, glass and fluff

I’m still on a bit of a nature-based voyage of discovery, pointing my camera at plants and flowers. Most of the flora I’m taking pictures of at the moment are new to our garden this year which is why I’m so excited about taking pictures of them, but one is a returning delight. The purple, orange and red buds in the top left picture (or at least it’s the top left for me, looking at it full size on a laptop screen) grow on a patch of as yet unidentified ornamental grass in the front garden. When we moved in, it had been trampled horribly and we weren’t sure it was going to survive, but with a bit of care and attention it’s flowered beautifully for two years in a row now.

We got a couple of solar-powered over-sized light bulbs for the back garden so I did what I do with every interesting object I encounter – took pictures. I love how, through the magic of curved reflective surfaces, the photo of the bulb shows the photinia leaves behind it and the buildings reflected in it, but not me and my camera!

The strawberry plants, while not as photogenic as some of the others, have been giving us plenty of delicious fruit to munch on. I honestly didn’t think there would be that much noticeable difference between store-bought and home-grown strawberries but there really is! They’re so tasty. I wish our plants could grow fruit all year round but it’s still a lovely treat when it’s in season.

Last but definitely not least, Silver the majestic floof has been posing for me again. He went from still-growing-kitten to adult-cat-with-expanding-girth over the course of about a month, so he’s on a restricted diet at the moment. A little grey kitten has started visiting – we think it lives next door but we aren’t sure – so he has a new friend to play with and is getting plenty of exercise running around.

I’m really enjoying this whole blogging-when-I-feel-like-it thing. I’ll be back soon with something. When and what? Who knows! 🙂

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