I’m on Pinterest, sharing useful things for creative people

I'm on Pinterest sharing useful things for creative people

In May’s month in review post, I talked about how one of my aims is to help creative people achieve their goals. This is a many-tentacled beast of an objective and the first tentacle (OK, this analogy is getting weird but I’m sticking with it) involves sharing things I’ve found useful with other people who might find them useful too.

I spend a lot of time online browsing for resources related to the various things I do – writing, photography, social media and productivity. Often when I find something particularly helpful, my first thought is, “How can I share this with other people who could benefit from it?” I don’t like to Tweet masses of links, mostly because a feed full of links and retweets puts me right off following someone and I wouldn’t behave online in a way that bugs me when other people do it. Tumblr is too ephemeral and I’ve pretty much stopped using it now, apart from occasional browsing when I absolutely positively can’t live without a stream of trivial fan-fodder.

Pinterest though. I’ve used Pinterest in different ways over the years but recently it’s been where I’ve gathered images for character aesthetics and location references for writing projects. Because Pinterest allows for a certain amount of categorisation via boards, and even sections within boards (I haven’t let myself go that far just yet), it’s perfect for saving a bunch of awesome things relating to a variety of topics. Eureka!

My Pinterest is now up and running, used less for collecting things that I want to use/do/refer to, and more for sharing those things with you. I have boards for planning and productivity, bullet journal, social media, writing resources, photography resources, beautiful studios and workspaces, and inspirational and motivational words of wisdom, with new pins saved every day.

It’s a small beginning, but it’s a beginning 🙂

3 thoughts on “I’m on Pinterest, sharing useful things for creative people

      1. I’ve been collecting a load of writing prompts on there over the past few days. My prompt course is nearly over and I do want to keep doing it once or twice a week to keep my words fresh.

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