Hel: Norse mythology and portrait photography

Colour photograph of artist Laura Jeacock styled as a creative and contemporary representation of the Norse goddess, Hel. Portrait photography by Tanya Simone Simpson. #hel #hela #norsemythology

This is what happens when a goddess shows up in your garden…

Amazing artist, most excellent witch and one of my best friends in the world, Laura Jeacock, embodying Norse goddess Hel for Drawing the Goddess, part of the Rites of Spring life drawing event run by Seasons of the Witch, an interactive art project. Hel, daughter of Loki and the giantess Angrboda, is an often misunderstood death deity with a nurturing aspect. Her realm is not a punishment but a place of solace.

Laura is a visual artist and tattoo apprentice. She has dedicated herself to the pursuit of understanding, through science, art and her faith tradition. Her work to date includes devotional paintings of Deity, abstract treescapes, as well as more fantastical and witchcraft inspired pieces. More recently she has been honing her skills in botanical illustration, after completing a short course at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh. Her work has been published in academic journals dedicated to Goddess studies, and exhibited at Seasons of the Witch, Edinburgh. She is constantly inspired by nature and the changing landscapes around her, and this is reflected in her work.

You can find Laura and her beautiful creations online at her website, Instagram and Etsy (check out her Fool’s Compass tarot deck!)

Seasons of the Witch was started in October 2017 by Faracy Moon Grouse, Karen Strang and Julia Jeffrey. So far there have been exhibitions in Alloa, Glasgow and Edinburgh, and they plan to create a new show for each season of 2018 featuring work from the core group and invited guest artists.

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