Not exactly a problem: I cannot stop taking macro photos of flowers

I don’t know whether it’s the effect of having a garden after not having one for almost twenty years (we’ve lived in our current home for nearly two years and the novelty still hasn’t worn off) or just a natural reaction to summer arriving after having snow right into April, but I seriously can’t get enough of pointing my camera at tiny, colourful things right now.

I love plants. I’ve always loved plants. Plants, however, do not love me. It’s not that they die as soon as I look at them or anything (at least not that I’m aware of), but I’ve never had much luck with growing them. Luckily my husband has some crazy plant-whisperer magic so we have a garden filled with beautiful petals and leaves for me to take pictures of. They’re not there specifically for me to take pictures of, but that’s a pleasant side effect of their existence.

I honestly never thought I would have an Instagram grid or DeviantArt gallery filled with pretty flower pictures. My ‘thing’ has always been conceptual portraiture (OK, and totally brutal horror photography) but I’ve really started to enjoy nature photography over the last few years. I approach it like a portrait photographer. When I take a picture of a leaf or a flower, I look at it the way I’d look at a person I was photographing. A fascinating living thing is a fascinating living thing, whether it’s a human, an animal or a plant.

I do intend on photographing other things again, I promise. But for now, enjoy some colour ❤

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