Photography: Plant babies and a demonic hedge kitten

I’m taking a quick break from writing, and rambling about writing, to bring you photos of green things and fluffy things…

Close-up photograph of green leaves with water droplets shot with a shallow depth of field against a green background.

When we got these alpine plug plants for the flower beds last autumn, they were absolutely tiny. Each one was about half the size of my thumb. Now they’re growing so fast and filling out the beds beautifully with gorgeous vibrant colour.

Close-up colour photograph of a silver tabby kitten with yellow eyes and a fierce expression on its face, among the leaves of a hedge.

Silver, my sweet little baby (ha!), hurled himself into the middle of the hedge and started attacking the branches while I was taking pictures of plants. I have no idea what the hedge did to offend him but he definitely showed it who’s boss.

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