Abstract nature photography and a suspicious lizard

Close-up colour photograph of a European Eyed Lizard behind glass in an artificial habitat.Shot with a Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

I met this gorgeous little dude in the pet shop today. He’s a European eyed lizard (look at the beautiful blue markings on his back!) and I love how suspicious he looks in this picture. My husband wasn’t keen on lizards but he’s learning to like them, or at least to talk to them through the glass while I take photos. This is why I can’t go to buy cat food without adult supervision – left to my own devices, I’d have come home with cat food, a lizard and a tarantula with a pink fluffy bum.

Lichen growing on a dry stone wall. Photographed with a Samsung Galaxy Note 4.
I was craving some nature over the weekend so I drove to Harlaw Reservoir near Balerno just outside Edinburgh. It’s such a peaceful place, even when there are lots of other people around, and there are so many beautiful things to see. There’s a lovely dry stone wall there and the lichen and moss had painted it with wonderful colours.

Close-up colour photograph of layers of lichen and moss on tree bark. Shot with a Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

I was amazed by all the colours and textures in the tree trunk. I don’t even know what they are, if they’re natural variations in the wood or if there’s extra stuff growing there.

There are so many fascinating details in the world. Remember to look for them ❤

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