Month in review: March 2018

Close-up colour photograph of vegan peanut butter cups (one with dairy-free milk chocolate, one with dairy-free white chocolate and one with layered dairy-free milk and white chocolate) on a floral patterned china plate with a dark pink paper napkin, on a floral pattered tray.

I can’t believe it’s time for another month in review post already. Where did March even go? I’ve been really enjoying baking this month and it’s amazing how many awesome dairy-free recipes there are out there. The picture up there is of homemade vegan peanut butter cups. They are honestly SO GOOD, especially made with dairy-free white chocolate.

Even though it’s technically spring, we had a bit of a second winter here in Scotland this month. Once I got over being entertained by the cat bouncing around the snowy garden (he was so excited!) I took my camera outside. The hedge icicles were the perfect symbol of winter-vs-spring and I couldn’t resist throwing some fake blood around too, because horror photography is for every season.

In the last couple of weeks, I did something I’d been considering for a long time and deleted my Facebook. It began with deactivation and I was so happy and relieved afterwards that I decided to go the whole hog and fully delete my account. Although Facebook has been in the news recently for very negative reasons, that had nothing to do with my decision to stop using the site. I simply wasn’t enjoying it anymore.

People’s reactions were interesting though. Most of my friends treated it as the non-issue that it should have been and we updated our address books with each other’s email addresses and phone numbers. One bizarre common theme among the not-a-non-issue reactions was the immediate and weirdly defensive justification for why other people haven’t deleted their Facebook accounts. I didn’t ask and I didn’t for a moment suggest anyone else should do anything. You don’t have to explain anything to me. It’s cool.

Then there were the reactions that boiled down to “But I find your posts entertaining and I won’t bother to keep in touch with you if you aren’t on the most convenient platform for me.” I’m not under any obligation to entertain people with details of my daily life on the website of their choosing. You aren’t either. By all mean, do that if it brings you joy. But if it doesn’t, you are allowed to stop. I don’t require or expect constant contact with everyone I’ve ever met. If we’re friends, we’ll keep in touch. If we drift away from each other because I stop using one website, then that’s probably for the best. Again, it’s cool. Life goes on.

It really shouldn’t matter that much. I’m not moving to a different planet or a cave in the mountains with no electricity. I’m not in the middle of some huge life-altering breakdown. Everything’s fine. I still use Twitter and Instagram. I have an email address and a blog. I am literally just not using this one specific social media platform because I no longer enjoy it. That’s it. It’s not a big deal. I don’t owe anyone explanations about my choices. No-one owes me explanations about theirs. It’s all good. You do you. Be happy.

Moving on from the strange way Facebook has become an integral part of people’s lives to something cuter and furrier, Silver the kitten really doesn’t look like a kitten anymore. I can’t believe my tiny little floof looks like an actual grown up cat now. He’s only seven months old. IT’S TOO SOON. I’m glad he still likes posing for photos though 🙂

I’m super excited because April is Camp NaNoWriMo time! I wrote a big post about Camp NaNo just the other day so I don’t want to repeat all that here, but the short version is that rather than start a new project, I’m continuing work on an existing one. I’ll be Tweeting about Camp NaNo progress throughout the month, so you’re welcome to join me on Twitter for that.

I hope March has been good to you

2 thoughts on “Month in review: March 2018

  1. I’m (almost) there with you. I haven’t been using FaceBook from before Christmas, and have been experiencing JOMO – the joy of missing out. I cut back on IG as well, but I reinstalled the ap on my iPad (and have been enjoying Silver 😸)

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