Happy Spring Equinox!

Close-up colour photograph of thin branches with unopened buds against a background of garden greenery.

It seems strange to be writing about spring when the last lot of snow has only just melted, but today is the Spring, or Vernal, Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere so I couldn’t let it pass without mention.

This year, my celebrations are very much focused around spring cleaning, freshness and clean slates. I got an early start on that by deactivating my Facebook and for the first time in years, we have a vacuum cleaner that’s actually small and light enough for me to use on a good day. Yes, I’m including a new vacuum cleaner in my festival celebration. In a witchy house, everything is a little bit magical 🙂

Today, I’m smoke cleansing our home with sage and spending time in the garden, walking barefoot through the grass, feeding the birds and having a chat with the plants. Because you should definitely talk to plants, even if you’re just saying thank you to them for being there.

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