Photinia, alien fur and icicles: Nature and macro photography

Close-up colour photograph of unfurling red leaves on a Photinia plant. Shot with a Polaroid macro lens on a Sony Alpha a550 dSLR.

Last year, we planted some photinia in the highest raised flower bed against a wooden trellis. It’s going to take a while to spread out fully, but it’s been lovely to see it sprouting new leaves over the last few weeks.

Colour macro photograph of a white feather with water droplets. Shot with a Polaroid macro lens on a Sony Alpha a550 dSLR.

While I was taking photos of the photinia, I noticed a tiny white feather in the flower bed. It had been snowing lightly earlier in the day and some of the snowflakes had melted into water droplets that were light enough to sit on the edges of the feather. When I looked at this picture on the computer screen, my first thought was that it looked like alien fur…if aliens exist and have fur 🙂

Close-up colour photograph of green hedge leaves with icicles.

A few days later, after some heavy snow action, I noticed these icicles on the hedge where the melting snow had overflowed the gutter. Totally worth standing under a stream of water to get this shot!

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