Month in review: February 2018

My biggest news of the last month has been the release of my novella, Car Thieves. It feels strange to know that it’s out there in the world after living in my head and then on my computer for months, but it also feels good to have set it free. If you want to read it online or download it, you can find all the relevant links here. It’s free to read and download, and if you enjoy it you can pay what you want through PayPal.

Slices of magic. Close-up colour photograph of a silver necklace with an Odin's spear pendant and a pentagram pendant against a background of colourful cards. Shot with a Sony Alpha a550 dSLR.

February has been a month of pretty things. What began as a quick photo of one of my favourite pieces of jewellery and the edges of my most-used tarot deck (the Thelema tarot, if you’re wondering) ended up becoming my new header image for this site and my social media places. The weather has been all over the place, from bright sunny days to snowy nights, and I was lucky enough to capture one particularly beautiful afternoon, complete with strange whooshy light stuff going on. The incense in the picture above is dragon’s blood, one of my favourites.

I spent quite a bit of time in bed in February because the flu hit me hard. It was frustrating not being able to move around much and I couldn’t hang out with people because when my already-not-so-great immune system has taken a hit, I need to be careful not to overload it with any more stuff to fight. My mouth and throat were covered in icky blisters and ulcers so I got to become an expert in slippery food, with the help of recommendations from helpful friends on Facebook.

I did get to go outside again towards the end of the month (yay!), so I took some photos of Silver wandering around the garden. He loves his harness and lead, and purrs like a little engine when he’s having it put on. We found a super cute jacket-style harness with velcro fastening online, so once he reaches his full adult size (and isn’t going to have any more growth spurts) we’re going to treat him to one of those.

Finally, the best being-able-to-go-outside of the month was for my husband’s birthday. We went to see Black Panther, which was absolutely amazing, and then went out for dinner. Cinemas are really difficult for me because the seats totally wreck my back, but the Dominion in Edinburgh has couches! I was so happy to be able to watch a film curled up in a less painful position on a big squishy couch rather than arguing with my spine to sit upright and losing the feeling in my legs. It was frustrating that there were a lot of stairs, but a little bit of accessibility is better than no accessibility. Edinburgh suffers terribly from the issue of old buildings being inaccessible and not having to be made accessible due to their age, so it’s always a treat to find somewhere that’s a little bit less prohibitive.

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful February and that March is off to a great start!

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