Car Thieves: My new book now on Tablo, Wattpad, DeviantArt and Instafreebie

The cover for Car Thieves, a novella by Tanya Simone Simpson, published February 2018

I’m no longer sharing my work on Tablo and Wattpad, or having full books available to read on this site (you can still download them though) so those links won’t work.

Car Thieves, my latest novella, is making its way around the internet today. You can now read it (for free) on Wattpad, Tablo and DeviantArt, as well as right here on this site.

If you’re an Instafreebie user, you can download Car Thieves here. Downloading books from Instafreebie requires you to sign up for the site/app, so if you’d rather not do that, you can still use the links on this page to download it instead.

If you enjoy this book…

I operate a pay what you want strategy, so if you would like to ‘buy’ a book in this way, or offer support to me as a creator whose work you enjoy, you’re welcome to make a simple and secure contribution of your choosing through PayPal.

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