Car Thieves: My new book now free to read online and download!

The cover for Car Thieves, a novella by Tanya Simone Simpson, published February 2018

My latest novella, Car Thieves, is out now. Read online or download to read on any device – all completely free!

The year 2027. Edinburgh, Scotland. Disease has swept a deadly path through society. A nightlife mogul with a violent past, a sadistic drug dealer, an artist craving companionship, a privileged playboy and a fiercely independent motor mechanic struggle to survive in the chaotic and brutal leftover world of the immune.

Read online for free 

You can read the entire book right here on this website!
Click HERE to find all the chapters in order.

Car Thieves will also be available to read online for free on Tablo, Wattpad, DeviantArt and Instafreebie on 16th February 2018.

Download for free to read on any device

Download your choice of ebook file HERE.

Simply click the link above to visit, a safe and secure file hosting service, and choose which file type best suits your reading app or device.

If you enjoy this book…

I operate a pay what you want strategy, so if you would like to ‘buy’ a book in this way, or offer support to me as a creator whose work you enjoy, you’re welcome to make a simple and secure contribution of your choosing through PayPal.

6 thoughts on “Car Thieves: My new book now free to read online and download!

    1. I use Scrivener for writing so I compile the book as an epub and then use Calibre to convert it to mobi and pdf. I like having books available in all those formats so people can read them on any device, but it’s not strictly necessary or anything 🙂

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