Month in review: January 2018

Over the last month, I’ve moved (back) to fully digital planning. While I love love love bullet journaling because pens and paper and creativity, the purpose of any planning system, for me anyway, is to plan as efficiently as I can. This is especially important for hardcore cognitive impairment days when I need everything to be as simple and straightforward as possible.

I tend to be very stream of consciousness about a lot of things and while scribbling notes down on paper was great, I ended up with pages literally filled with arrows where I’d shifted things around, bits I’d scored out or erased, and tiny notes squeezed in wherever I could fit them because they related to things I’d thought of days later.

I quickly became frustrated having to constantly flick back and forth in a notebook to find things I needed and I also found myself taking quick notes on my phone and then transferring them to my bullet journal later. As much as I would love to say bullet journaling was totally working for me, it wasn’t. I decided to get my doing-stuff-by-hand-on-paper kicks in other ways and shift my planning, which is a hefty beast at the best of times, to more convenient, practical and sometimes automated methods.

Last month, I took photos of sparkly things, adorable frogs and tiny flowers. The sparkly things and flowers happened at home. The adorable froglets were in the pet shop attached to our vets office so while I only got to meet them fleetingly, at least I was able to take some pictures.

In more personal news, I discovered I have a dairy allergy. It’s an immune system (hives, rashes and swelling) kind of allergy rather than a digestive system related lactose intolerance. I have ridiculously sensitive skin and a crazy immune system anyway, but the connection between eating dairy and my face immediately beginning to look like it had been set on fire and put out with a pitchfork became too obvious to ignore (denial is not just a river in Egypt). So it’s kind of annoying but at least I’m aware of it now so I can avoid stuff that makes it happen. Also, buying lots of dairy-free ice-cream to make myself feel better is totally legit, right?

Our sweet baby Silver was neutered at the beginning of January and while the operation went without a hitch, the incision reopened a week later so we spent an evening at the emergency vet getting him glued (seriously!) back together. Our own vets were amazing as always, so he had a couple of check-ups over the following week and had to wear a cone of shame for a while, but he’s all healed and back to normal now.

Car Thieves cover image

In writing news, I’ve been preparing for the launch of Car Thieves next week. Part of this prep included sharing excerpts and character profiles, so if you’ve missed any of those you can catch up on them here…

I also got properly stuck into editing 22 Cards, my NaNoWriMo 2017 project. I decided not to set a release date for it yet, to give myself the freedom to edit in a more organic way. I’m way too do-the-thing to edit endlessly for years, but allowing myself to take as much time as I need and to flit back and forth between chapters and characters as inspiration and obsession strike has been lovely, and immensely productive, so far.

I’m also not 100% sure what route I’m going to take to publishing it. I’m considering having it for sale as an ebook rather than giving it away and operating a pay-what-you-want strategy, but I have so much research to do and I want to allow myself plenty of time so I feel totally informed and comfortable about whatever option(s) I choose.

Finally, Yoga With Adriene‘s TRUE 30 day yoga journey was an absolute joy. I surprised myself by managing to do a session every day and while there were plenty of times it totally wiped me out and I’m pretty sure I pulled some muscles I didn’t even know I had, it was the perfect way to kick-start my daily practice again.

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful start to 2018

3 thoughts on “Month in review: January 2018

  1. Those froggos are adorable!! They don’t have much on Silver, tho, but still. He’s a cutie ❤

    I totally understand what you mean about physical versus digital and scribbling notes all over – I think that's one of the biggest issues with bullet journals in general, is when you think of addendum or notes or need more information, and you have arrows and "see page 45" scribbled in the margins. I'll be interested to see what you have for digitally!

    I'm sorry to hear about your dairy allergy. It sounds really very much like my chili (capsaicin) allergy — face and mouth swelling, throat swelling, all sorts of bull. Just watch yourself if you accidentally eat some, it will get worse with exposure. I used to be able to eat salsa at least, but now, I run the risk of having a few bad days if I do. If you think you need it, it never hurts to get an EpiPen just in case, too (this is more a reminder to myself to get off my butt and get one, too).

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    1. I still look at other people’s bullet journals and planners and lust over all the prettiness, wishing a paper planning system worked better for me. Now I’m thinking of other ways to get my stationery kicks. I love the idea of scrapbooking and memory keeping cause those look like they’d fit nicely with my obsessive tendencies 🙂

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