Meet the Car Thieves characters: Jac

Meet the Car Thieves characters: Jac

Jac, the artist who also seeks spiritual peace in the gym, existed as a character in my head long before I created a place for them in Car Thieves. When the idea of featuring somewhat unpleasant street preachers in the book, the gentle and loving religious philosophy of Jac’s parents felt like the perfect contrast to the preachers’ threats. Plus, I wanted to write a character in this book who was 90% sunshine and rainbows because I never write characters like that but Car Thieves really needed one. Jac is non-binary genderqueer so I’ve used the singular they as their pronoun throughout the book.

From my character notes
Wants to be happy, wants everyone else to be happy too. Thinks you’re beautiful when you smile and will tell you. Life is a positive sum game. Sweet and gentle-natured but with strong foundations. Cotton candy with a core of steel. World’s friendliest gym rat. Confident, creative, calming influence. Brought up (liberal, New Testament-style) Christian and although lapsed in practice, still believes in some kind of god and the power of love and forgiveness. Head in the clouds but feet firmly on the ground. Always happy to help. Your greatest cheerleader. Values authenticity highly.

From the book
Jac felt lost without their parents. Evangeline and Jean-Pierre Etienne had passed away within hours of each other at the beginning of the second outbreak.

Maybe that was a blessing in itself, that neither had to live without the other for any length of time, that they were both so delirious from the illness that they didn’t feel the ache of losing their true love. And that they didn’t have to live through the death of their beloved only child.

Jac was angry at first, an emotion they didn’t often experience, because of how it had all come to pass. The groundbreaking scientific research that was spoken of in the news with such positivity and confidence was supposed to stop this from ever happening again, not be the cause of it.

It had all happened so much more quickly and violently than Jac had expected, but then they had no reason to understand the processes by which the infrastructure of civilisation would collapse after the sudden death of so many people.

They had locked the doors and windows of their flat and focused on maintaining practicality and comparative sanity while the world had fallen apart outside. They rationed their supplies, distracting themself with press-ups, crunches and pull-ups, secure in the pounding of their own resilient heart. Strong-er, strong-er, strong-er.

Car Thieves will be available to read online and download free in February! Find it here on 9th, and DeviantArt, Tablo, Wattpad and Instafreebie on 16th.

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