Meet the Car Thieves characters: Chance

Meet the Car Thieves characters: Chance

When I first created Chance, the night club boss, he wasn’t a main character. He was just supposed to pass in and out of the other characters’ experiences. But I got attached. The more I thought about him, the more he told me of his back story and the less I could resist giving him a bigger part in the book than originally planned. When I’m writing, I always feel like I’m describing a film I’m watching in my head. My mental image of Chance’s scenes was very film noir. I wish I could draw because his back story would be so suited to a graphic novel.

From my character notes
Speaks quietly, which is fucking terrifying. Sees through your bullshit. Is not to be messed with. Quick to dish out percussive retribution but neither enjoys nor dislikes it. Feels invincible in immediately threatening situations, because so far he has been. Unstoppable force, immovable object, emotional void. Isn’t trying to help or hinder, just trying to get where he’s going. Do not stand in his way – he will kill you quickly and quietly then step over your corpse without getting his shoes dirty. Cold hands, cold heart, cold blood. Appreciates people with a useful lack of conscience.

From the book
Dusk had already fallen when a black SUV rolled slowly into the quiet residential cul-de-sac, lights off, maximum stealth. The SUV had almost a full tank of petrol, siphoned from other vehicles under cover of darkness.

There was only a small amount of blood still smeared across the bonnet from where Chance had floored the accelerator and driven through a group of people standing in the road wearing scarves around their faces and brandishing golf clubs a few miles back.

It had been the most excitement he’d had all day and a lot more than he could be bothered to deal with right now. Just a few months ago, he wouldn’t have cared. He would’ve thought life’s too short. But now he was uncomfortably aware of just how much shorter life could be, and how suddenly and without warning it could be shortened, so he did his best to think nothing at all.

He stopped the SUV at the most secluded part of the cul-de-sac and flipped a coin to choose between the two nearest houses.

Satisfied with the coin’s decision, since either would have sufficed and neither was ideal, Chance checked the pockets of his coat for the arsenal of personal security devices he still carried from his days at Revolver before the apparent collapse of civilisation. Everything was still there, exactly where he’d left it. It had no reason not to be, but these days he always checked.

He pulled the handbrake with leather-gloved fingers. It felt too loud in the stillness of the empty street. A violent sound, less than a gunshot but more than the crunch of teeth against a kerb under his boot.

Car Thieves will be available to read online and download free in February! Find it here on 9th, and DeviantArt, Tablo, Wattpad and Instafreebie on 16th.

2 thoughts on “Meet the Car Thieves characters: Chance

  1. There’s something very menacing about a quietly confident person! Someone who doesn’t feel a need to huff and puff is usually quite certain of their abilities and the outcome of any given situation, which sows doubt in everyone else. Chance is an intriguing character. Cold heartedness can initially seem one dimensional, but there’s always something more to it. How did they end up this way? What motivates them? I can see why you were drawn to expand his role.

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