January 2018 bullet journal set-up

January 2018 bullet journal set-up header image

Welcome to my first bullet journal post of 2018!

This month, I had the good sense to take pictures of my bullet journal monthly spread, trackers and first weekly spread before I started filling everything in, so I can share January 2018’s set-up without having to blur things for privacy.

The January 2018 calender, habit tracker and tasks list from my bullet journal.

Monthly spread

This monthly calendar, tracker, tasks and notes layout works really well for me so I didn’t see any need to change it for January. Having a line to write short event and reminder information for each day means I’m not trying to squish things into boxes and I can easily fit the whole month into one page with the opposite page for my online post tracker and non-date-specific tasks and notes.

Because I use Fitbit and Clue to track most of my health-related stuff, I use my monthly tracker in my bullet journal to keep a note of when I post on my blog and social media platforms, as well as when I do yoga (more about yoga in a moment).

The January 2018 money tracker and yoga journey tracker from my bullet journal.

Money page and special January yoga journey calendar

My money page is pretty much identical to December’s and it’s another one of those layouts that feels comfortable, streamlined and just right. If you’re thinking about budgeting, or even just keeping track of your spending, I fully recommend setting up a page in your bullet journal or planner, or a section in your digital planning app, for this. My husband and I use a shared note in Google Keep to log our non-bills spending, which is where I get the figures for the weekly spend section on my money page.

Instead of a daily gratitude log like I’ve been keeping for the last couple of months, I’m focusing on yoga for January. I’ve been taking part in Yoga With Adriene’s January yoga challenges for the last few years and I’m really excited to have registered for TRUE: 30 day yoga journey, beginning 1st January 2018. It’s totally free, it includes lovely daily emails, and all the videos are available on YouTube. You get a downloadable calendar when you register, but I like to have the daily themes listed in my bullet journal too. Here’s the intro video, if you want to find out more.

I’m expecting the sessions to be between 15 and 45 minutes each, as they have been for the last couple of years. I’m not physically able to manage that amount of yoga every day and I also have to adapt many of the poses and sequences for my wonky body, but Adriene consciously addresses adaptations for people with physical restrictions and mobility limitations, which is one of the reasons she’s awesome!

I accept that it will probably take longer than a month for me to work through the entire programme. It’s all good though. I love this structure and it never fails to amaze me how much progress I’ve made in terms of strength and flexibility when I take part in one of Adriene’s January challenges.

The first weekly spread in my January 2018 bullet journal set-up, with vertical days and a space for housework and tasks.

Weekly spread

I’ve gone back to a weekly spread with vertical days for the first week in January (I love that the first day of the new month and the new year is a Monday!) with a panel for housework and non-date-specific tasks. I adore these minimal weekly spreads because I don’t end up obsessing about everything looking perfect, so I actually use my bullet journal in the most practical and productive way for me, messy scribbling and all.

Bullet journal and planner friends! What does your January 2018 set up look like? Have you made any big changes for the new month or the new year?

12 Replies to “January 2018 bullet journal set-up”

    1. I’m so excited for you! Adriene’s January yoga programmes are always really amazing and I totally rave about them at every opportunity. I don’t know if you’re a yoga person in general, but if you’re not yet this is such a great introduction. I’ve saved playlists of all the past years’ January programmes on YouTube and sometimes randomly do them in the middle of the year when I need more structure in my practice 🙂

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  1. Love the layouts. I keep changing mine (and I wonder my I struggle with staying organised). You’ve reminded me that I need to add income/expense tracking (ha – and I wonder why I never know how much or how little money I have). 🙂

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    1. I’ve done so much fiddling around with different layouts and keep coming back to the more simple ones. I’m thinking of tracking some things monthly that I usually keep in their own collections – social media stats, book stats etc – to see if it feels more natural. I find collections that span long periods of time a bit weird to keep up with.


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