Month in review: December 2017

Month in review: December 2017

It hit me, shortly after the beginning of the month, that since deciding to channel my time, energy and creativity into writing, I haven’t stopped. This isn’t a bad thing because I am so in love with writing and I don’t remember the last time I felt so sure that I was on the right path, but having completed a daily flash fiction challenge for a month, had short fiction and poetry published in three online lit mags, had a short memoir piece published in a book, written two complete novellas and the first draft of another, and published one of those novellas, maybe it was time to stop for a bit and breathe. December was my rest, my long breath, and I’m feeling so refreshed and ready for the year ahead.

This month, I enjoyed our new garden’s first winter (we had the garden last winter, but it was a total wasteland) with some pretty close-up photography. We had some lovely frost in the middle of the month…

…and some even more lovely snow at the end! Seeing Edinburgh at sunset from Braid Hills on a snowy day reminded me again why my soul belongs to this beautiful city.

Colour photo of a silver tabby kitten outside on a green lawn

December also found me celebrating three months since adopting our kitten, Silver. He’s growing so quickly! My parents came to stay for the holidays and my husband had a week off work, so I feel blessed to have been able to spend time with my family during the festive season.

Car Thieves cover image

It’s pretty much impossible not to look forward at this time of year and think about all the things to come in 2018. I shared the first chapter of Car Thieves – my new novella which I’ll be publishing in February.

Still thinking about looking ahead, I really want to take my time editing 22 Cards, my NaNoWriMo project (I might have started doing that already), and while I’m aiming to publish it by the end of 2018, I’d really like to see how my editing process evolves when I’m not working to a super strict (self-imposed) schedule and trying to do everything perfectly, yesterday, with no sleep.

I assumed at the start of 2017 that this would be a year of experimentation and exploration in terms of writing. It kind of has been but I very quickly and easily fell into my natural (and not so great) state of being – manic workaholism. I plan to carry December’s ‘stop for a bit and breathe’ vibe through the next few months, allowing myself to dedicate a little more time and energy to my online volunteering, taking more photographs, and growing and nurturing an audience for my work on social media.

Being a very all-the-things-all-the-time person, I find it difficult not to launch myself head-first, sleep-deprived and caffeine-fulled into every project. If December has taught me anything, it’s that hitting the pause button occasionally is good for my sanity as well as my creativity and productivity.

I hope you’ve had a wonderful festive season, enjoying whatever you celebrate or simply having a relaxing time if you don’t celebrate anything in particular. Here’s to the next month and the year ahead!

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