A month in my bullet journal: December 2017

A month in my bullet journal: December 2017

At the beginning of the month, I shared my December 2017 bullet journal set-up, which included my monthly spread with my calendar and trackers for online activity, meditation and yoga, as well as my gratitude tracker and monthly money spread.

I’m not massively into decorating the pages of my bullet journal (at the moment, that may change!) and I’m currently working on figuring out the most functional and useful weekly spread for me, so these photos aren’t super shiny Instagram-worthy beauties, but they are real and they show how I use actually my bujo (although I’ve blurred out the details cause y’all don’t need to know that stuff).

Weekly spreads

Bullet journal weekly spread 4th - 10th December 2017

For the first full week of December, I tried using vertical days. This worked way better than horizontal days for my list-orientated brain. I even did a little bit of decorating with festive bauble doodles at the bottom of the page, inspired by the lovely Sam In Japan‘s adorable December layout.

Bullet journal weekly spread 11th - 17th December 2017

I stuck with my vertical days for the second week of the month, but without the doodles.

Bullet journal weekly spread 18th - 24th December 2017

The third week was pretty much the same, except I played with colours a little more. One of these days I’ll do an amazingly gorgeous monthly or weekly spread and get all excited about it, but clearly not this day.

Bullet journal weekly spread 25th - 31st December 2017

By the time I was creating my weekly spread for the final week of the month (and the year!), I thought it would be fun to try a more compact spread. I figured it wouldn’t be a busy week. I thought I’d like the lack of empty space. I was wrong. I absolutely despise this and I’m pretty sure I will never go for such a compact weekly spread again unless I’m completely sure I’ll be doing basically nothing for the entire week.

New collections

This month’s new collections included my publishing schedule for my next book, Car Thieves (out in February!) and a What I Achieved In 2017 list. It’s been a hell of a year for making changes and trying new things, so I wanted to have a record of reasons to feel good about what I did. My list involved practical things like writing two full novellas and the first draft of a third, and less quantifiable (but equally important) things like actively reducing negative influences in my life.

What next?

I haven’t even started January’s pages yet but I’ll be getting stuck into that over the next couple of days, in time for the new year. Now that I’ve been bullet journalling again for a couple of months and feel settled into paper planning as a thing that works for me and helps me to be productive, organised and happy, I’m toying with the idea of forking out a bit more money on a fancy notebook once my current cheap one runs out. I’d also like to dedicate a bit more time and energy to the aesthetic side of bullet journalling but I want to make sure I can strike a balance between having pretty pages and not stressing about everything having to be perfect all the time.

Bullet journal friends! Have you created your January spreads yet? How are you feeling about bujo-ing your way into 2018?

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