Sunset and snow photos on Braid Hills, Edinburgh

Colour photograph of a bare tree silhouetted against a sunset with snowy grass in the foreground. Shot at Braid Hills, Edinburgh, Scotland. Colour photograph of the view of Edinburgh city, Arthur's Seat and Salisbury Crags at sunset with snow in the foreground, shot from Braid Hills. Colour photograph of a sunset over Braid Hills, Edinburgh, with snow on the ground.

We have snow! After weeks of envying other people’s gorgeous snow pictures online, the white stuff finally arrived in Edinburgh. Or at least on the higher up parts of Edinburgh. Braid Hills is only a couple of miles from home so we headed up there this afternoon for a crunch around.

I didn’t fancy trying to keep myself upright while carrying my big camera, so I took some photos with my phone. Our timing was perfect – we arrived just as the sun was setting and everything was extra beautiful.

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