Silver the kitten: Two and a half months after adoption

Colour photograph of a silver tabby kitten

At the end of September, I wrote about adopting this tiny ball of fluff. Silver was 8 weeks old then and only weighed 800g! I can’t believe how much he’s grown.

Colour photograph of a silver tabby kitten sleeping

At 10 weeks old, he still looked so kittenish, although he’d started zooming around at such a high speed that the best (or only!) time to take a photo of him that was actually in focus was when he was sleeping.

Colour photograph of a silver tabby kitten outside on the lawn

When he had his last vaccinations, he weighed just over 1kg. He had his final kitten health check on 27th November and his weight had doubled to 2.1kg! He’s in perfect health and loves being fussed over and cuddled by everyone he meets.

I’ve started clipping his nails at home and he’s absolutely fine with it, which is great. He’s such a gentle little thing with his claws. When he was very young, my husband and I were covered in scratches from being climbed on, but it never happens anymore. Even the vet remarked on how careful he is when he’s playing. Hopefully this good behaviour will continue!

Colour photograph of a silver tabby kitten hiding in red bed linen

I think his eyes are now the colour they’re going to stay. They were so pretty when they were blue, but I adore the pale gold they’ve become as he’s grown older. He’s teething at the moment, so we’re being careful not to encourage him to munch on human hands (it doesn’t always work, but we’re teaching him “no and down” so he’s learning) and we always make sure he has plenty of toys to chew on.

I’d forgotten how chaotic it could be to have a kitten in the house and how no matter how well you think you’ve cat-proofed everything, you’ve never cat-proofed anything quite enough. He’s been a test of my patience at times but I’m so happy we adopted him ❤

If you want to see more photos of Silver, he has his very own Instagram!

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