December 2017 bullet journal set-up

People who are into bullet journalling and stationery in general will understand why this is so exciting for me – ERASABLE INK. When I found Pilot Frixion Light Soft erasable pastel highlighters, I actually made a little happy noise in the shop. It’s like someone looked into my head when they were making these. Using erasable highlighters has been so awesome (change my mind about a colour? No problem!) I decided to do something so obvious I can’t believe it took me this long – I got an erasable black pen too (also Pilot Frixion). OH MY GODS, I love it! I’m not always amazing at getting things right the first time, especially when my brain is a foggy mess, so not having that “Ugh, I’ve ruined a page” feeling is wonderful.

Monthly calendar and tracker spread

My bullet journal is primarily functional so I don’t really go all-out decorating it. I’m not saying I never will, but I don’t at the moment. I love looking at other people’s super fancy bujos online but my rampant perfectionism gets even more rampant if I dive too deep into prettifying my journal. That said, I couldn’t resist making December’s monthly pages subtly winter-themed, so I’ve gone with chilly colours and a little snowflake on my monthly spread.

Keeping my trackers fairly minimal worked really well for me last month, so I’m sticking with almost exactly the same habits and activities that I tracked in November.

Money and gratitude spread

My monthly money spread and my ‘one good thing a day’ gratitude tracker worked so well last month, I’ve decided to continue with them too. The blurred bit at the bottom of the right hand page is the mantra I use in my morning meditation. I have it memorised (I meditate in bed before I get up – the perfect start to the day) but I wanted to have it somewhere where I’d encounter it through the day as well.

I’m considering some changes to my weekly spreads, so I’ll be back with another ‘month in my bullet journal’ post at the end of December to let you know how that went 🙂

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