Yummy changes at my Patreon

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EDIT 7th December 2017: I’m no longer using Patreon. You can read about why in this post.

A few days ago, I posted a public post at my Patreon, explaining some changes to my reward tiers. Since I know I have some new followers here who I didn’t have when I set up my Patreon and talked about it loads, I’m sharing the info here too…

I’m still very much at the beginning of my Patreon journey and therefore a lot of what I do involves experimentation, learning and rethinking approaches. When I first started using Patreon earlier this year, I created a set of reward tiers with different rewards because it was what most other people I saw on Patreon seemed to be doing.


It felt weird and kind of wrong. I don’t use Patreon to create a hierarchy. I use it to create a way for people to contribute financially to my work as a writer and photographer if they want to do that and can afford to. I also use it as a tool to offer some lovely added extras to my most dedicated cheerleaders, and I started feeling like maybe that shouldn’t be down to the difference between $2 a month and $5 a month.


I’ve edited my reward tiers so that all rewards are available at even the lowest tier. This means that for $2 a month, you get…

  • Downloadable full-resolution versions of all the photos I take each month for personal use.
  • Your name (real, alias or screen-name) listed on my website, and in any books and collections I publish (if you’re a Patron at the time of publishing).
  • Monthly Q&A sessions here on Patreon where you can pick my brain and ask me awkward questions.
  • Downloadable epub, mobi and pdf copies of new books at least a week before they’re published anywhere else.

All posts before today will remain visible to only the Patrons at the reward tiers for which they were originally intended. This seems like the most fair thing to do. From now on, all posts will be visible to everyone pledging $2 or more a month (and there might be a few more public ones thrown into the mix as well).

You may notice that character profiles and drafts have been removed from the rewards. I thought long and hard about this and realised that as an independent author who is responsible for all promotion of my work, I was preventing myself from sharing content more widely that has the potential to create and sustain interest in my books. Because of this, I would like to be able to share this content on my own website, social media and/or publicly through Patreon rather than only with a comparatively small amount of people based on an arbitrary pledge amount.

Because some people choose to pledge more than $2 per month (I love you, you absolute wonders), I’ve left the $5 and $10 options in place for those who wish to contribute those amounts, but from now on ALL Patrons get the same rewards, regardless of pledge size.

With this in mind, if you currently pledge $5 or $10 a month and would like to drop this to a lower tier, you are 100% welcome to do that. I completely understand and expect absolutely no justification or explanation. If you want to do it, go for it. It’s all good. I’m grateful for your pledge, no matter what.

Because I still feel like I’m experimenting and learning here, I can’t guarantee that everything will always stay the same, but I can guarantee that I will always be open, honest and transparent with the people who support me as a creator.

Endless thanks for all your support and encouragement so far ❤

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