Me as an existential horror superhero

A painting of me by Laura Jeacock

My friend (and incredible art goddess) Laura drew this amazing picture of me as part of her Inktober project and it is so beautiful and perfect. I cried for about an hour after she sent it to me and then cried again a little bit when I saw it on Instagram the next morning. My brain totally short-circuits when people do nice things for me. I start having feelings and I can’t handle it.

The caption she gave it on IG is “Interrupting a very Lovecraftian Inktober to bring you a heroine that should have made it into one of his books. Introducing Tanya Simpson. Her defence against the dark forces are her deadly attack spiders (amazing idea for fending off intruders). She comes dressed as night, with a demon kitten on her shoulder. ”

She also included the tag #myfriendsaremyheroes ❤

Her art is absolutely stunning. If you’re on Instagram, you should definitely follow her at


5 Replies to “Me as an existential horror superhero”

    1. The first thing I noticed about this picture when Laura sent it to me was that she’d got my hand and arm PERFECT. We were hanging on at the weekend and I was rambling about something as I usually do. She said, “Look! That’s how you hold your hand when you talk” and I realised it was a total throwback to spending years with a cigarette in that hand. It’s lovely and scary that my friends notice these details!


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