The value of paying creators

My back is a total mess at the moment. I’ve been in a lot of pain for the last few days and it’s really difficult to move around. I’m shuffling more than walking and I can’t use my walking frame or sticks because I don’t have the strength needed to lean on my arms and hands. Imagine a penguin being tasered in the spine and that’s pretty much how I look when I try to move.

On Sunday morning, the first thing I did when I woke up was cry.

Then I turned my phone on and a PayPal notification popped up. Someone who enjoyed my writing had sent me $50, completely unexpectedly. The goodness of this takes a number of forms.

First of all, it paid for my web hosting for the next year plus part of the cost of software that I use for work. Knowing that those expenses are covered is amazing.

Secondly, it reminded me that what I create is actually worth paying for, which is easy to forget because I have roller coaster self-esteem and am still recovering from a previous job that left me feeling like nothing I did was ever good enough no matter how hard I worked.

Thirdly, it reminded me that people can be kind and wonderful, right at the time when those things are most needed.

The value of paying creators goes so far beyond a Patreon pledge or a PayPal payment (or a book bought or a piece of art commissioned or or or). It means more than covering costs and being compensated for a job done. It says, “What you create is worth something to me” and that matters more than people often realise.

My gratitude for the support and encouragement I receive from people who appreciate what I do is endless. Thank you ❤

7 Replies to “The value of paying creators”

  1. “penguin being tasered in the spine” – I’m so sorry you are in so much pain, but that legitimately made me laugh.

    It is amazingly hard to explain to people who do not create, or create merely for fun, how much one order, one gift, even one word of encouragement not to give it up really means. And what that does. My aunt ordered a bag for my cousin for her birthday, and it literally paid for my medications this month. That is a huge deal, moreso than if she had just given me the money. It shows that what we do is worth it, what we *produce* is worth it.

    What you produce is worth it. I know I came from your photography land, but you really are an inspiration to me. I hope you start doing better soon, and one day, I’m going to take you out for an actual cup of coffee :3

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    1. I have this stupid anxiety around people saying they like my stuff because they feel they have to say that. I know rationally that it probably doesn’t happen very often, but as soon as someone pays for something, it feels like evidence that they genuinely do like it and aren’t just being nice.

      Also, thank you and I suck at knowing how to respond when people say nice things to me, so just ❤


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